The best 2d zombie games

The best 2d zombie games
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2d zombie games – content interwoven entertainment factor is a little horror. You will fight with the zombies protecting where you live, protecting the things you love. Here are some zombie games for kids about fighting zombies, you can refer. Choose your favorite game.

The best 2d zombie games – zombie games free

1/ Hungry Hal

You can play by clicking here:good zombie games pc

2d zombie games

The main character of the 2d zombie games pc download is Hal.

Today we bring you a new game Hungry Hal. While in one of the US cities there was an explosion at a chemical laboratory that conducted research and development of biological weapons. All chemicals are thrown into the air and people living in the city breathe toxic air. Many died, but half of them turned into zombies. The main character of the 2d zombie games pc download is Hal. He needs to get out of the affected area and leave the city. After being even he could die in the epicenter of the great flood.

You and I can help him get out of the kill area. We just ran down the streets of the city. But this should be done carefully because the road will go through traps and obstacles that we need to get around. After all, if we have been with them, we may die – 2d zombie games. So, we need to feed our hero, and he will perish. On the road, collect the bones that they offer the feeling of no watch out for the saturated sensation band at the top of the screen. If it is set to fail then the character will explode your brain and it will die.

Each new position is a complex issue, but we believe you can do it and help Hal out of the city. 2d zombie games pc– Hungry Hal has a very unique and exciting story, it is from the first minute will attract all your attention. Good graphics and music will appeal to players of all ages. Due to the fact that the online zombie games multiplayer are developed using the HTML5 platform you can play it online on our website in any operating system on any device. Open Hungry Hal and dive into the world of zombie adventure called Hel

2/ Bath Salts Zombies

You are familiar with the Zoombies – 2d zombie games genre and this time join the Bath Salts Zombies to take on new quests.

Bath Salts Zombies is an action-packed, totally free action 2d zombie games . In this game, players will take the task of destroying zombies to save the village of Miami from the people here and now became Zombies by using Bath Salts.

Bath Salts Zombies – 2d zombie survival games is based on the story of a young man named Marine. After spending a lot of time in the military, Marine was on vacation and decided to drive home to meet his girlfriend. He very much hopes she will be happy for her surprise appearance. But two hours later, Marine received word that his girlfriend was missing. It seems that this is a bad omen for the challenges are coming and his life to a different stage.

2d zombie games

Bath Salts Zombies is an action-packed, totally free action 2d zombie games .

As expected, as soon as the village, Marine noticed the appearance of a group of people as life is approaching him. After a while, he realizes that his village of Miami is being attacked by the locals themselves – Which has now become a mysterious zombie. Having worked in the military for many years. Marine quickly realizes that the reason is that recently people have used Bath Salts 2d zombie games – a substance that is stimulating in the shower and has addictive effects such as drugs.

Zombies begin to attack the Marine. With a gun in hand, could you destroy them all and find a way to save your village? If this trip back to the countryside, Marine can reunite with his girlfriend?

Player’s mission

Based on the plot, in this Bath Salts Zombies – 2d zombie games, the player will play the brave Marine. Your weapon is initially a gun and a few magazines are available in the vehicle. But the more zombies you kill, the more upgrades and upgrades you will get. This new feature will stimulate the players to fight to achieve higher scores and of course: There is nothing easy. The dead will appear continuously and gradually. If you are not fast-paced and skilled in using guns, you can eat them completely.

At the beginning of the 2d zombie games, the player will have to pass 12 turns of the Zombie in 2 minutes for each turn. The interface of the zoombies best games will display Zombie waves, battle time before new Zombie turns, money you earn, health checks and a radar to signal. when there is new threat.

Features of Bath Salts Zombies

  • 3 phases of fighting completely free.
  • Build defense towers and upgrade to get new weapons.
  • Use the mouse to point to the Zombie, left click to shoot.
  • Z button – pull the bomb, X button – attack with nuclear weapons.
  • Upgrading requires you to earn a certain amount of money.
The best 2d zombie games
5 (100%) 1 vote

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