Top 3d zombie shooting games

Top 3d zombie shooting games
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3d zombie shooting games – Fun zombie games that you can play right away. You just drag the cards on the tree bar on top of the ground to plant trees to protect you from the attack of the dreaded Zombies. If you are a loyal fan of this zombie sniper games can not ignore the angry play on the computer we share soon.

Top 3d zombie shooting gameszombie fighting games

1/ Dead Warfare: Zombie

Dead Warfare: Zombie is a killer zombie shooter for Android phones, released by VNG Game Studios. The 3d zombie shooting games free download offers a variety of interesting gameplay modes, you can fight alone or with your party in PvP mode.

3d zombie shooting games

Join the game, you will play the hero stand up to destroy Zombie

Dead Warfare: Zombie is set in 2072, the whole world is invaded by Zombies, people have to retreat underground or tuck in ruined buildings to avoid being destroyed. The lack of everything from food, drinks to fighting weapons puts people in a stalemate.

Join the game, you will play the hero stand up to destroy Zombie, return the peaceful life for the people here. You will be using a variety of weapons in the game, upgraded to increase the strength to fight bloody Zombie army.

With awesome 3D graphics, true to detail, and exciting gameplay, Dead Warfare: Zombie promises to bring exciting moments extremely fun for players 3d zombie shooting games free download.

New features in the game Dead Warfare: Zombie 1.2.135

  • Balance all types of guns in the game.
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Update user interface.
  • Add challenge levels and rewards when joining campaigns.
  • Add revived ad video, create character, and buy guns.
  • Boost Reward System: Daily, Challenge, and Campaign.
  • Improved Psycho character class.
  • Balance bonus in PvP mode.
  • Reduce battle time in PvP.

Main features of the shooter Dead Warfare: Zombie

3d zombie shooting games

Zombie army – 3d zombie shooting games is extremely crowded and dangerous.

  • Character system.
  • Characters in Dead Warfare: Zombies are divided into several classes.
  • Appearance, skills are divided into character classes.
  • Each character class uses a different kind of gun, which can be used to counter different types of zombies.
  • Characters can advance and increase stars to increase their strength.

Great Zombie Army

  • Zombie army – 3d zombie shooting games is extremely crowded and dangerous.
  • Each type of zombie possesses its own skills.
  • Boss is enormous, can beat everything in a nutshell.
  • Each region will feature unique zombies.
  • Choose the right weapon, the character will help you kill the zombies more easily.
  • Possesses true lighting effects and graphics.
  • Characters, weapons and zombies are extremely vivid.
  • Can see the gun in 3D.

Weapon system is diverse

  • The 3d zombie shooting games download offers a wide range of weapons, with a full range of genres.
  • Use a variety of accessories to customize weapons.
  • Many special effects make guns more impressive.
  • Weapons can be found during the zombie zombie games.

PVP mode

  • Join forces with thousands of players around the world.
  • Defend your base and attack other base to steal resources.
  • Compete on the charts on a worldwide scale.
  • Zombie Warfare in various regions.
  • Can go to many places against bloodthirsty Zombies, looking for weapons and survivors.
  • There are many different locations with distinctive zombie types.
  • Each place is hidden many secret for players to explore.
  • Tactical preparation for each location.

2/ Zombie Shooting King

Zombie Shooting King is a survival-first-person shooter zombie killer game in which the player confronts bloodthirsty zombies in large numbers. Join the Zombie Shooting King and shoot the zombies from afar, try to kill them otherwise they will come and tear you down.

3d zombie shooting games

Or make use of the explosives in the field, shoot them to create a terrible explosion, to blow up many enemies at the same time.

In the Zombie Shooting King – 3d zombie shooting games , players will be armed with a diverse arsenal of various guns, even ammunition. You can switch to other fast weapons while fighting to destroy the corpse more effectively. Or make use of the explosives in the field, shoot them to create a terrible explosion, to blow up many enemies at the same time.

The Zombie Shooting King for the iPhone is shown along the screen. The intuitive 3d zombie shooting games online control system includes a scroll button on the left side of the screen, a fire button and a function button on the right. The player can also watch the zombie wave, the HP index and the score he achieved at the top of the screen.

Sky Wars is also a survival zombie games 3d for mobile, but is designed in Minecraft style quite nicely, Sky Wars players will experience the world of the magic squares in a new way is equally interesting. .

The mobile zombie shooting games 3d online Zombie Shooting King attract players through the design of real graphics, unique. The player is sitting high and pointing his gun at the bottom. This will help you cover the battlefield better, more accurate shot. Lively sound makes the war more attractive.

3/ Zombie Highway 2

Zombie games, also known as live-action 3d zombie shooting games. Are quite popular on mobile platforms in recent years. If you are a zombie sniper games devotee then surely you are no stranger to games like Zombie Tsunami, Plants vs. Zombies or Zombie Evil. In most of these games, the player assumes the task of using the weapons available to destroy the mad zombies. However, with Zombie Highway 2, gamers will have a completely different experience, not just to kill the living dead, but this game also has a mix of speed games.

3d zombie shooting games

The scene of Zombie Highway 2 revolves around a car is moving on the road and is constantly being caught by unknown zombies.

The scene of Zombie Highway 2 revolves around a car is moving on the road and is constantly being caught by unknown zombies. They are planning to take over the car and the task of the player 3d zombie shooting games is to break the conspiracy of these living corpses. As you move around on the highway and around the uninhabited area. You can enjoy the roller coaster ride without having to worry too much about the controls. Instead, gamers need to focus on maximizing how to kill zombies as much as possible without damaging their vehicle. Once you have killed a certain number of dead bodies, you will be given additional weapons such as pistols or speeding up with Nitro to crush any zombies that dare to climb up your carriage.

Main features of Zombie Highway 2

  • Enhanced graphics, sharp images, additional auto-acceleration features with Nitro to crush zombies.
    6 redesigned cabs.
  • 17 upgraded weapons, 100% refreshed, 4 additional super weapons.
  • Added 4 new zombies, bringing the total number of zombies to 10.
    58 challenging goals.
  • Join the 3d zombie shooting games to experience everyday fun quests.
  • New roads with random contexts.
  • Friends will appear on the highway at the place where they score the highest.

As soon as the game starts, the player will be sent to the track with a shiny car. The 3d zombie shooting games interface will not come with a game introduction, storyline or any other free zombie shooting games guide. Note that in Zombie Highway 2, you will have to tilt the device in order to control your carriage and avoid the obstacles that other cars are randomly arranged on the road. One thing to note, when you start playing. The player zombie killer game is not upgraded to Nitro mode right away. But you need to kill a certain number of zombies. So, at this stage to kill them, gamers should try to drive the car close to the obstacles on the road. Causing the collision to knock them out of the car. Also, if you find zombies in front, you can also drive your car straight into it.

Top 3d zombie shooting games
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