List all zombie games extremely interesting

List all zombie games extremely interesting
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All zombie games – The game about zombies with a full range of different genres. Bien can choose the game that suits her. From simple 2D games to the games played on the controller. The common feature of the zombie type card game is fighting. Your top priority is always to kill the zombies. However, depending on the game, the game is different. Wait, wait! Check out the article below!

List all zombie games extremely interesting

1/  Zombie Diary

Zombie Diary for Android is a fun shooting game kill zombies. Designed with vivid sound effects. This zombie killer game will definitely bring you a very relaxing moment.

The story of Zombie Diary

all zombie games

Zombie Diary took the idea from a small village of a state in America.

Zombie Diary took the idea from a small village of a state in America. By 2013, this land was suddenly a Zombie flood of unknown origin. The presence of this strange creature scared all the villagers and to build up the force they had released a terrible virus. This kind of destructive virus has made people in the village, from children to old people suddenly turned into monstrous monster. Gradually, they wandered around and soon the whole world was destroyed by the forces of all zombie games for free. The world is ruined, people are miserable because they become killers, the Earth is not as green as before.

Mission of the player in the game Zombie Diary

In this zombie games free you will become the only lucky person immune to the virus and take on the task of saving the world. Like the character Rick Grimes in the popular drama The Walking Dead, players will also have many challenges as the Zombies constantly appear, forcing you to shoot nonstop. Your relatives, friends and neighbors are no longer the same people. Human mission is putting heavy weight on your shoulders.

Zombie Diary – all zombie games ps4 is like a little diary about your journey to save the Earth. Each day there will be separate tasks and the task of the player is to kill the number of Zombies on demand. Thanks to this smart feature, even people who are too busy with their studies and work experience can experience it without fear of losing too much time during the day.

In order to kill those zombies, the player all zombie games in the world needs to take full advantage of the resources available, especially his shotgun. The more you kill, the sooner you will receive exciting bonuses such as money and crystals, especially the chance to upgrade your strength and ability to damage the opponent.

Features of Zombie Diary for Android

  • The arsenal of 24 guns is designed to be modern.
  • 5 different tasks in each area.
  • Opportunity to upgrade 5 types of combat skills.
  • Supports 4 location maps to locate enemies: Prison, Street, Cemetery and Laboratory.
  • Attractive prizes: Kill the first Zombie series with 500 cents (First Blood), 100 Zombies followed by 1000 coins (Newbie), 500 Zombies with 2500 cents (Unstoppedable), Kill 10 bosses with 2500 cents (Boss Killer Kill 1000 Zombies with a reward of 5000 cents, 50 bosses with 10 Bosses, 5000 Zombies with a Monster Killer, 10000 Zombies with 10 Zombie Terminators, 50000 zombies rewarded 50000 cents, 100000 zombies rewarded 100 crystals (God Like) and more.
  • Many types of zombies with the ability to kill barbarians – all zombie games for xbox 360.
  • Opportunity to earn money in the Training room after five days of fighting.
  • Get more rewards based on the number of Zombies killed when passing each level.
  • Become a Arms Dealer and own a huge arsenal if you conquer all the levels.

Zombie Diary Game Guide

  • Each day, you will be assigned a quest with different amounts of money and crystals.
  • Players all zombie games for ps3 can use diamonds in their inventory in exchange for a chance to live again.
  • Controller: The red button in the lower right corner of the screen to shoot, the triangle arrow button in the lower right corner to move (left arrow corresponding to backward or forward).

2/ Zombie Offroad Safari

Zombie Offroad Safari is an action-packed shooting-driving all zombie games for fre, designed with unique cubic graphics like Minecraft. Drive your bumpy terrain vehicles, equip heavy weapons and kill countless zombies who are attacking you.

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Challenges and plunder in Zombie Offroad Safari for Android.

Get out of the cramped urban life and discover a dangerous world with zombies. Challenges and plunder in Zombie Offroad Safari for Android.

Take a 4×4 off-road vehicle like a monster truck, a six-wheeled van and climb the highest mountains that no one has ever set foot on. Equip your vehicle with modern cars and blow up the zombies in this gorgeous sandbox world.

Explore the gorgeous scenery in this enormous environment, complete the challenges, smash the zombies, search for secret places, unlock, upgrade cars and weapons that are fun to do in Zombie Offroad Safari. Download free all zombie games for free and play now!

 Features of Zombie Offroad Safari for Android

  • Six areas for players to explore, push back zombies and enjoy the fun.
  • Unlock 12 unique cars and drive them away on mission. Each vehicle has a unique unique ability.
  • Car police, fire truck, APC, car monster and more.
  • Machine guns, rifles, rocket launchers, electric guns … Numerous weapons for the player to open and fight against the flood.
  • Countless challenges to complete: Checkpoints, Hunting, Bosses and more.
  • Search for hidden treasures hidden around the world.
  • Find the treasure chests on the highest mountains.
  • Use great additions to your advantage.
  • Countless different types of all zombie games for free that you must fight.
  • Exciting driving simulation.
  • Moon map with low gravity.
  • Open world design, free driving everywhere.

All terrain vehicle will be your important tool to survive and progress in the all zombie games for free. Upgrade them to become more durable and faster. Take control and solve the challenge to win the Zombie Offroad Safari!

3/ Zombie Guard

The city in the Zombie Guard is under attack. Quickly pick up a nail gun, put on a high hat and mobilize allies to fight because of the people who need your help.

Zombie Guard is a highly addictive zombie shooter on mobile and is considered the perfect successor version of the Zombie Situation web all zombie games for free. The city is suffering from the cyberattacks of dangerous corpses. As a city defender, your task is to take up guns and kill all of them.

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However, at the beginning of the all zombie games, the player has only one shotgun, limited firepower.

To do that, you are armed with a diverse arsenal. However, at the beginning of the new zombie games, the player has only one shotgun, limited firepower. During the game you will gradually acquire new guns with different types of firearms such as rifles, submachine guns, submachine guns, machine guns … Just complete each attack, you will be Get a certain amount of bonuses to upgrade your gun.

Download Zombie Guard

As well as increasing your firepower, the enemy army of zombies is increasing in strength. The screen is getting longer and longer because you have to kill more dead bodies. In addition, they add a number of special zombies that are able to move fast, die long, even drop parachute down from the ground near your fence.

Therefore, in order to win, you need to move flexible, calculating the logical strategy such as killing any zombie first, using the most effective guns, priority upgrade the guns … Next Well, do not forget to find your allies to fight and unlock all the loot.

Compared to Zombie Situation’s predecessor on the web. Zombie Guard remains intriguing, and some familiar zombies. However, in terms of graphics. The improved Zombie Guard looks more beautiful, the background image is diverse so players feel the fight in many different environments. In addition, the enemy army is richer in type and style, making the all zombie games for free experience more challenging, “was” more.

Zombie Guard shooting games are provided absolutely free for you to download and play so do not hesitate to download, fighting is fun right now!

List all zombie games extremely interesting
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