List of interesting cool zombie games

List of interesting cool zombie games
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Cool zombie games – Content interwoven entertainment factor is a little horror. You will fight with the zombies protecting where you live, protecting the things you love. Here are some games about fighting zombies, you can refer. Choose your favorite zombie killer game.

List of interesting cool zombie games

1/ GunFinger

GunFinger, the world’s new apocalyptic shooter, is releasing Pixel Toys for Android.

Main features in GunFinger:

Gaming is designed for touch screen

Easily feel, accept the challenge to master. It’s up to you and your finger-moving skills to quickly kill the living corpses using the Gunfinger – cool zombie games for free target system.

New challenge every day

cool zombie games

GunFinger supports real-life cornering, shadows and maps.

Get a new look every day with the Daily Challenge, enjoy new tasks every day.

Upgrade a new powerful weapon

Customize unique weapons in the arsenal, including pistols, rifles, sniper rifles to knock down monsters, live corpses, rescue civilians and complete quests to improve your skills.

High-end graphics

The best 3D graphics cool zombie games for free you have ever seen on phones and tablets, GunFinger supports real-life cornering, shadows and maps.

Terrible Utilities

Utilize special handbags to ensure that the corpse is completely destroyed, including a “head-popper” that causes the head to swell and explode.

Crazy combos

Combos combining with each other will boost your score by showing skillful shots and special skills.

Over 90 violent shooting duties
Join the secretive agency NE1 and start your adventure to defeat Doc Monday – cool zombie games for ps4 in over 90 missions set up across locations, including ghostly farms, desert canyons and mines. Fight against Zombies, monsters and even rubber ducks.

What is the best weapon?

cool zombie games

Fight against Zombies, monsters and even rubber ducks.

Many players zombie games free will require the best weapon to prioritize it when choosing weapons while playing. Then you can start with the pistol, after unlocking the pistols and assault rifles. Pistols have good firepower but low shot speed. While the pistol is perfect because of its high accuracy. Machine guns are equipped with a lot of warheads. These weapons can be upgraded to increase damage and improve the accuracy, durability, size of the ammunition and the gun body.

Play daily tasks in the Daily Challenge

Like many cool zombie games online for Android, iOS, or Facebook, you usually log on daily to get rewards, which can be coins, gold, or the chance of getting high-end weapons.

Learn your weapon

The best way to use a weapon is to understand its full potential from the advantages and disadvantages. For example, pistols can eliminate all of the Zombies within short distances. For pistols, if you aim the zombies at a distance. Try and learn the in-cool zombie games online weapons for use in different situations

Upgrade weapons are preferred

All types of weapons can be upgraded in three categories, such as upgrading bullet cartridges for faster bullet loading rates and larger cartridge sizes. The upgraded guns allow for increased damage and range. Upgrades the “Sights” view allowing you to zoom and fire more accurately. However, the upgrading of weapons is also accompanied by expensive expenditures. You can upgrade to the following procedure: first upgrade the “Sights”, then the “Clip” cartridge and finally upgrade the “Body” gun body. With this setup, all stats will give you the best performance possible
Use the Zoom feature

You will receive more points if you use the zoom feature of the gun in the cool zombie games to play. But actually this is not easy in all situations. You should learn to master the way the screen moves when zoomed in and try to shoot correctly.

Get to know the headshots

The strongest destructive hit, you can kill enemies with a single headshot without zooming in.

Determine priority objectives

Because you are only allowed to play within the network limit (the network automatically recharges over time or uses premium money to buy +1 networks), so be careful not to let cool zombie games for pc touch your location. Get rid of the zombies closest to you, then reach the enemies that are far away.

Check the target before doing the quests

Each mission carries a different goal than just firing live corpses. You must be sure to follow the requirements.

Recall the previous tasks

In each task, your performance is limited to 3 stars. Replaying missions is not only an opportunity to increase the missions of the task is not perfect but also the opportunity to earn more money to upgrade weapons.

2/ Hungry Hal

You can cliking here: cool zombie games

Today we bring you a new zombie games free online Hungry Hal. While in one of the US cities there was an explosion at a chemical laboratory that conducted research and development of biological weapons. All chemicals are thrown into the air and people living in the city breathe toxic air. Many died, but half of them turned into zombies. The main character of the best cool zombie games for pc download is Hal. He needs to get out of the affected area and leave the city. After being even he could die in the epicenter of the great flood.

cool zombie games

Cool zombie games – Hungry Hal has a very unique and exciting story, it is from the first minute will attract all your attention.

You and I can help him get out of the kill area. We just ran down the streets of the city. But this should be done carefully because the road will go through traps and obstacles that we need to get around. After all, if we have been with them, we may die. So, we need to feed our hero, and he will perish. On the road, collect the bones that they offer the feeling of no watch out for the saturated sensation band at the top of the screen. If it is set to fail then the character will explode your brain and it will die.

Each new position is a complex issue, but we believe you can do it and help Hal out of the city. Cool zombie games – Hungry Hal has a very unique and exciting story, it is from the first minute will attract all your attention. Good graphics and music will appeal to players of all ages. Due to the fact that the games are developed using the HTML5 platform you can play it online on our website in any operating system on any device. Open Hungry Hal and dive into the world of zombie adventure called Hel

List of interesting cool zombie games
5 (100%) 2 votes

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