Find all the plants and zombies in Plants vs. Zombies. Zombies (P1)

Find all the plants and zombies in Plants vs. Zombies. Zombies (P1)
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Find all the plants and zombies in Plants vs. Zombies. Zombies . Plants vs. Zombies is best actions game a strategy game or not only attractive by the vivid graphics that catch the ear, the game is not complicated but still tactical. However, to achieve high levels, we need to understand each one so we can learn about the power of all the plants and zombies.

Find all the plants and zombies in Plants vs. Zombies.  Zombies

Involved in the game, the player will play the host, trying to plant the battle plants in the order and location to destroy the zombies are attacking from the garden. Each type of plant has different fighting styles and features, or different ranges of protection, and of course, zombies. Let’s take a look at all the main characters of this game before you start playing to understand more about the game. Zombies – Plants grow angry!

Find all the plants and zombies in Plants vs. Zombies.  Zombies

Find all the plants and zombies in Plants vs. Zombies.  Zombies

Zombie: This is the first enemy, which appears as soon as the game is started. Attack strength is poor, but with the masses sometimes also cause no danger.

Zombie Flag: The strength is just as good as the Zombie, but decorated with a red flag, in many levels, they go first, just like the Zombie on the back. Appears on the timeline in the game.

Zombie Conehead: Power over two zombies above, but not too dangerous if attacked alone.

Zombie Buckethead: The power can be rated at a high level. The bucket over the head resembles armor, helping them withstand more “ammunition” from the plants in the garden. Magnet – Shroom magnet can be used to suck the bucket and attack them.

Pole Vaulting Zombie: The power may not be equal to the zombie buckethead, but they have a pretty fast speed and, especially with the stick in hand, Pole Vaulting Zombies can easily jump over obstacles. , but then their speed will slow down.

Newspaper Zombie: Poor power, just like Zombie. As soon as we read the newspaper, the speed is slow, but if the newspaper is torn, it will go crazy and rushed at extremely fast speed.

Screen Door Zombie: With the iron door in hand, this zombie uses it as a shield to be able to move deep into the garden without, hard to kill. However, if you use Magnet – Shroom to suck the iron door, they will be destroyed easily.

Zombie Football: A very dangerous enemy, they have the fastest attack speed among zombies. Also, with the football helmet and rugby players’ clothes, football zombies can destroy your trees right in front of your home without harm. High-speed zombies are especially dangerous when attacked by a large number of zombies. Use the Magnet – Shroom to remove the protective helmet on its head so that crops can kill faster.

Dancing Zombies: A zombie-style summoning. The strength is not high, the speed is normal, but when they set foot on the lawn of the garden, immediately from the ground will go up four more zombies surrounded and protected them. Attacking and destroying them will be more difficult. Try to kill it before the other 4 Dancer appears.

Backup Dancer: Power is less than Zombie, only appears when Dancing zombies are present. Each time there appear 4 names, standing around, protecting the summoner.

Ducky Tube Zombie: Another type of Zombie, which appears in the mini-game when the garden has a pond. The other thing is that they do not go on the shore but use floats to swim under water, avoiding the onshore attacks.

Snorkel Zombie: One of the most annoying zombies in the game. Zombies. During the migration, they dive under the water, causing the crops to attack, and only appear when touched, “cup” your crops. However, their power is not high enough to kill them with just a few shots. To avoid being attacked by zombies, you can use Tangle Kelp.

Zomboni: The most unique living corpse. They drive ice-makers into the garden, speed is not too high, but where it passes will freeze and can not plant any trees into it, extremely dangerous. It is best to kill early using Jalapeno, both the zombies and the streaks left behind will be destroyed.

Zombie Bobsled team: Power is low. But the thing is that they will take advantage of the runway that Zomboni left to slam into the garden and your home.

Zombie Dolphin: As the name implies, this zombie is capable of mating and riding dolphins (also zombie dolphins) swimming in the pond of the garden with high speed. Ability to overcome any barrier, to attack inside, but after that, the dolphin will disappear and the speed of Dolphin Rider zombie will also slow, they will be destroyed quickly.

Find all the plants and zombies in Plants vs. Zombies. Zombies (P1)
5 (100%) 1 vote

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