Top 4 fun free online zombie games

Top 4 fun free online zombie games
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Free online zombie games, the game very cool. Content interwoven entertainment factor is a little horror. You will fight with the zombies protecting where you live, protecting the things you love. Here are some games about fighting zombies, you can refer. Choose your favorite game.

Top 4 fun free online zombie games – zombie games for kids

1/ Ninja Kid vs Zombie

You can “Play now” by clicking here:  free online zombie games

free online zombie games

This will make the children excited and want to play immediately.

Lovely fun zombie games for kids. In this zombie games online you will choose the characters you like to role play. There are 3 characters for you to choose. The samurai sheds experience. Ninja boy cute, agile and skillful no less. The other character is a ninja girl dressed in pink.
Characters are designed chibi image pretty cute. This will make the children excited and want to play immediately.

Your mission is to destroy all the free online zombie games the way. On the way you just have to use the skills to kill the zombies just have to overcome various obstacles.

How to play Ninja Kid vs Zombie

  • Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.
  • Use the space bar to use the arrow keys to jump or move.
  • The zombie games free online is easy to play and the difficulty level is always increasing.
  • You will definitely enjoy playing this game!

2/ Zombie Offroad Safari

Zombie Offroad Safari is an action-packed shooting-driving free online zombie games no download. Designed with unique cubic graphics like Minecraft. Drive your bumpy terrain vehicles, equip heavy weapons and kill countless zombies who are attacking you.

free online zombie games

Zombie Offroad Safari – free online zombie games to play now.

Get out of the cramped urban life and discover a dangerous world with zombies, challenges and plunder in Zombie Offroad Safari for Android.

Take a 4×4 off-road vehicle like a monster truck, a six-wheeled van and climb the highest mountains that no one has ever set foot on. Equip your vehicle with modern cars and blow up the zombies in this gorgeous sandbox world.

Explore the gorgeous scenery in this enormous environment, complete the challenges, smash the zombies, search for secret places, unlock, upgrade cars. And weapons that are fun to do in Zombie Offroad Safari – free online zombie games to play now.

Features of Zombie Offroad Safari for Android

  • Six areas for players to explore, push back zombies and enjoy the fun.
  • Unlock 12 unique cars and drive them away on mission. Each vehicle has a unique unique ability.
  • Car police, fire truck, APC, car monster and more.
  • Machine guns, rifles, rocket launchers, electric guns … Numerous weapons for the player free online zombie games multiplayer to open and fight against the flood.
  • Countless challenges to complete: Checkpoints, Hunting, Bosses and more.
  • Search for hidden treasures hidden around the world.
  • Find the treasure chests on the highest mountains.
  • Use great additions to your advantage.
  • Countless different types of zombies that you must fight.
  • Exciting driving simulation.
  • Moon map with low gravity.
  • Open world design, free driving everywhere.

All terrain vehicle will be your important tool to survive and progress in the best free online zombie games. Upgrade them to become more durable and faster. Take control and solve the challenge to win the Zombie Offroad Safari!

New feature

  • Fix issues on some devices.
  • Update walk function: Get out of the car and explore the world by walking, looking for loot in buildings. When you get a warning, running around is extremely dangerous, so move it gently.

Walking mode.

  • You can kick zombies for self defense.
  • Add places that you can only visit by walking.
  • Powerful new cars: Thunder cars with infinite nitro power-up.
  • New car: Rebel monster truck.

3/ Dead Maze

Dead Maze  – best zombies games for pc  is a 2D multiplayer all free online zombie games. Open to the world of deadly fantasy, full of zombies. To survive in the Dead Maze, gamers need to work together and uncover the hidden secrets behind this world after the zombie apocalypse, storing food and maintaining health, finding resources to escape the horde. Scary zombies.

free online zombie games

The survival factor is the highlight along with many other games are hot on the market.

Dead Maze is a multiplayer zoombies best games where you can only help other players aim for a brighter future. Restore human civilization, and uncover the curtain that covers the apocalyptic story. this dark.

Fortnite Mobile will be the right choice for you, this is a shooter designed in the style of 3D animation is quite beautiful, unique, besides that Fortnite Mobile also combines. The survival factor is the highlight along with many other games are hot on the market.

Dead Maze players free online zombie games will have the opportunity to take advantage of more than 500 weapons to fight the living corpses infected with viruses and avoid attacks from them. However, do not forget to pay attention to your health and control the amount of food left because you can not fight forever. However, according to your activity, the amount of energy consumed will be different, so take good care of the health indicators if you do not want to suddenly die in the Dead Maze.

Key Features of Dead Maze – best zombies games for pc :

  • 2D action game.
  • More than 500 weapons.
  • Control of health and food index.
  • Multiplayer games.

4/ Corridor Z

Corridor Z is a thrilling action-packed action free online zombie games that combines infinite runway play. Although the new game on the Google Play and App Store not long but Corridor has received many praise from players and critics with strengths is attractive storyline, creative play and beautiful graphics. The eyes are optimized for both phones and tablets.

free online zombie games

Arrange for a short period of time and extremely high character movement speed.

The first word that Mass Creation wants to send to Corridor Z players is the slogan “BE QUICK OR BE UNDEAD” – QUICK OR BE UNDEAD, this is enough to understand the gameplay of the “escape chimp”! A combination of Endless Runner Runner game like Temple Run or the famous Minion Rush that you have been shooting with the action shooter game. Players will pass the chasing chase scene to a target. Arrange for a short period of time and extremely high character movement speed.

During the run the player needs to throw, drag the obstacles to the zombies. Pick up guns to shoot them and find the right turn in a screen with a completely reverse angle compared to the runner game you have seen. Actually the game was well invested from graphics, sound to gameplay in the hope of sweeping all the free online zombie games charts and removing the trail in the zombie games free Endless Runner which has become too bored.

Plot: An ordinary high school in a small town suddenly bursts with the Zombie pandemic. The authorities have failed completely to stop the pandemic. Everything becomes meaningless when deciding on a school seal and isolating it from outside. However, there are still 3 men, one woman and two men (they are students and the other being rescuers) survived the massacre and were trapped inside. They have not been infected yet! Doors, but they need to decide whether to open the door to escape or to die for many other reasons. Only you can help them.

Main features are described in Corridor Z for Android:

  • Corridor is a variation on the type of person who runs to death.
  • Gameplay is unique, intense.
  • Help 3 characters survive and escape the school.
  • Enjoy refined graphics in every detail.
  • Explore the mystery of the disease with impressive narrative voice.
  • Upgrade weapons to increase strength: pistols, SMGs, rifles, and so on.
  • Immerse yourself and many goals are set for each character.
  • Shoot down all the zombies and run fast!
free online zombie games

Basically throughout the game is a series of fast-paced events over time.

Basically throughout the game is a series of fast-paced events over time. The angle facing the character gives the player free online zombie games a more realistic sense of pursuit. Corridor control is also quite simple but it is a bit difficult to master with many people. On the run, you’ll find a number of boxes, pallets, stairs made of wood or iron built on either side of the wall, just swipe your hands on the screen to push them down to block the Zombie flood. Swing your arms up to pull iron pipes, iron barrels on the town and pick up weapons to shoot them down.

The other point is that you do not need to avoid obstacles on the way, but if you do not fully utilize the tools provided in the game, you will soon be Zombie summit.

Play more: Adam and Eve: Sleepwalker

Players must control three characters in turn: Logan – handball player, Megan – school cheerleader and Sgt. Williams – Rescuers. There is not much difference between these 3 characters in addition to the task they need to achieve in order to overcome each of the “before” all three go forward. For example, in classroom 3, task 2, Sgt. Williams needs to kill five Zombies with a pistol, Megan needs to find a journal of Jill while Logan is supposed to use 15 obstacles on one run.

The deeper you get into the free online zombie games, the more you feel the faster the pace of the zombie killer game (the most noticeable is that the zombies move at a very high speed), the mysterious story of Zombie Virus is also gradually revealed When Jill’s pages (36 pages) are assembled, this forces you to upgrade your character.

Money in the game is “food,” you can use them to buy a gun before each game. This money is also used to upgrade weapons, it also allows you to buy more real money or free search by watching the promotional video. This is also a feature found in Free to Play games and is a major source of revenue.

The graphics in the game are highly appreciated combined with extremely impressive sound. The advice is that you should plug in the headphones while playing, the bass plus the screaming breath of the character, the grunt of the Zombie will definitely give the game experience a lot more impressive.

Top 4 fun free online zombie games
5 (100%) 2 votes

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