Top 3 best fun zombie games

Top 3 best fun zombie games
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Fun zombie games – Interesting games about zombies gradually become hot with players. There are many versions of the game and the love of fighting game addiction. Learn some interesting zombie games below. And you are definitely not the exception to this line of games.

Top 3 best fun zombie games – Zombie games free for everyone

1/  Zombie Defense: Adrenaline

Zombie Defense: Adrenaline is the first shooter to kill zombies. In the all zombie games, players will be using a variety of weapons such as rifles, pistols, laser guns, grenades … to block the corpses live and rescue the city.

Zombie theme is familiar but never hot to the fun zombie games free operators, as the type of tactics to plant. Zombies, endless runner genres like Zombie Tsunami, Farm Zombie Farm Game …

Now, gamers who love horror games will have a new option is Zombie Defense: Adrenaline. This is a zombie games for kids that combines first-person shooter style FPS and kill zombies. Dramatic, bloody, Zombie Defense: Adrenaline has been named the best zombie shooter in the mobile market recently.

The game context is quite interesting

fun zombie games

In this playground, fun zombie games can use a variety of weapons to kill enemies, including pistols, rifles, snipers, laser guns or grenades.

Background in the game is extremely interesting. In 2017, mankind is being wiped out by a deadly African virus that causes healthy people to turn into living corpses. Are you the only survivor on this planet? But how long are you not infected with the disease and suffer the same fate as they?

Every minute you are in danger. No other way, players need to act quickly and effectively to survive and out of this hell city. Try to survive the mass of bloodthirsty zombies surrounded.

In this playground, zombie survival games online can use a variety of weapons to kill enemies, including pistols, rifles, snipers, laser guns or grenades. Save the bullets and target accurately.

In addition, players can build barriers to block them. However, the zombies will quickly break the barricade and chase you. Take advantage of that short time to create distance or reload, change guns … and continue to act.

Zombie Defense Adrenaline is designed with super-sharp 3D graphics, lively and bloody. Covering the entire fun zombie games unblocked is a darkness as the darkness increases the horror, scary for gamers. With realistic sound, beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay, first-person shooter style and free downloadable … Zombie Defense: Adrenaline is a game worth trying. Download game and experience right away.

Features of Zombie Defense: Adrenaline

  • Control the action phase.
  • Realistic 3D graphics.
  • Live effect.
  • The zombies are scary and dangerous.
  • Shooter combined with defensive elements.
  • The zombies attacked at the same time.
  • The space is 3-dimensional.
  • The obstacle barrier of the steps of life.
  • Shoot the zombies, arms and legs.
  • Download free fun zombie games and experience.

2/ Zombie Shooter

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fun zombie games

Just shoot it so you do not run out of bullets.

Zombie Shooter is a cool and addictive fun zombie games online with the theme of destroying zombies loved by many. With the darts in the game. Use them to destroy all zombies raging in the town. Just shoot it so you do not run out of bullets.

  • The zombie defense games is very simple, use mouse or touch screen to play.
  • Try to shoot properly for high results!

3/ Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 for Android is a very interesting third-person shooter

Also known as Biohazard 4 (in Japan), Resident Evil 4 is a third-person shooter fun zombie games that combines a thrilling genre.

Background of Resident Evil 4 opened in 2004, when the secret operations of the Umbrella Corporation in Raccoon City collapsed. An investigation conducted by the US Federal Government found that many senior figures in the Umbrella Group were involved in this. Authorities closed the company and postponed business indefinitely, the Umbrella Group went bankrupt and collapsed.

The United States secret service asks Leon S. Kennedy for a mission, which is to rescue Ashley Graham, the daughter of the president, who has been kidnapped by a mysterious sect. Leon goes to a remote village in Europe, where he confronts groups of people who volunteer to die for the Los Illuminados – the cult kidnapped Ashley.

fun zombie games

Saddler kills him and steals the Plagas sample in front of Leon.

While in the village, Leon encounters the village head, Bitores Mendez, and is injected with Las Plagas – fun zombie games for ps4  a parasite that can control human reason. He was tied up with Luis Sera, a researcher who worked for Los Illuminados. The two escape together, but then go two different paths. Leon learns that Ashley is being held in a church, and rescues her. And although Osmund Saddler, the leader of the Los Illuminados, managed to stop them, they escaped.

Totally engaging plot

Upon destroying Mendez, Leon and Ashley stay hidden inside the church of Ramon Salazar. Assuming that the place would be safe to avoid Ganados, they soon learned that both the church and Salazar were also infected with Las Plagas. Ashley begins to cough up blood, showing that the Plagas egg in her body has developed. In a panic, Ashley runs away from Leon, and the two are scattered, trapped by Salazar. Leon and Sera meet several times in the fun zombie games for ps4 . Sera always appears and disappears very quickly, the first time to give drugs to Leon and Ashley to slow down the progression, and next time to put a sample Plagas. The two meet again in the castle when Leon is searching for Ashley; Sera says that he has a sample, but before Sera finishes, Saddler kills him and steals the Plagas sample in front of Leon.

When Leon finds Ashley, she is kidnapped again. In the castle, Leon meets Ada Wong- fun zombie games briefly. Later, he ransacked the castle to find Salazar, who entered his body with a minion and used Las Plagas, which made his body grow bigger and bigger. He tried to kill Leon but eventually he was destroyed again. Leon learns that this time Ashley was detained at a research facility on the nearby island, and he meets Ada, who takes Leon to the island. Jack Krauser, one of Leon’s friends during his training years, thought he was dead, now working for Saddler. After several encounters with the forces of Saddler, Leon rescues Ashley, however she is later kidnapped for the third time.

Leon learns that Ada and Krauser are working for a third party, and Krauser is planning to kill Saddler when he gets a chance. Saddler knew this, so he asked Krauser to kill Leon, no matter who was killed, he was all good. Leon eventually saved Ashley, and they pushed the Plagas out of the body with a special radiotherapy device.

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fun zombie games

New lasers are added to the gameplay, allowing fun zombie games to see more accurately

Leon says that although he has completed the task of rescuing and treating Ashley, he should have killed Saddler. With Ada’s help, he killed Saddler and took the Plagas. However, Ada has a gun on Leon, robbed the sample and left with the advance. Leon and Ashley escape the island with her jet-ski.

In Resident Evil 4, the player controls Leon S. Kennedy from a third perspective throughout the really fun zombie games, with the task of saving the daughter of US President Ashley Graham.

Resident Evil 4 mainly focuses on actions and guns to destroy enemy groups in large areas. The player’s gaze is behind Leon, and looks over Leon’s shoulder as he turns his gun.

New lasers are added to the gameplay, allowing fun zombie games to see more accurately and easily change their orientation when the enemy moves. Shots are also more effective: when shot at the leg, the enemy will stumble, while when shot in the hand will cause them to drop weapons.

One of the new changes in Resident Evil 4 is the contextual control of the character. In specific situations, the player can interact with the surroundings: the stone falls down the stairs, jumps out of the window, or dodges the attack.

The fun zombie games also introduces players to interactive cutscenes, in which the player must correctly press the buttons displayed on the screen to the character to perform corresponding actions, such as dodging a falling rock or an attacking enemy. These cut scenes are often nested in boss battles where the player must avoid the opponent’s physical attacks to avoid being killed.

Top 3 best fun zombie games
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