Game Guide Plants vs Zombies is great for all ages

Game Guide Plants vs Zombies is great for all ages
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Game Guide Plants vs Zombies is great for all ages – In the Adventure mode of the game Plants vs Zombies are all 5 levels, each level is 10 different levels with easy to difficult levels, each level is a challenge in different environments such as night, ban day, yard with a lake, or on the roof. For many people who have a real passion for Plants vs Zombies, it is possible to get through 50 of these extreme levels of gaming if you regularly play games, ponder and learn from failures. A very Yomost feeling if you win the boss zombies in the final level 5-10. Do you want to try?

Game Guide Plants vs Zombies is great for all ages

First, you need to download the plants vs zombies play online game from the app store and make sure you know the basics of the game, the features of the game introduced in the game Plants vs zombies – zombie games to play forever. not bored Once you understand how to play, you need to know the list of plants and zombies in this game. This is the most important thing if you want to pass all the screenshots because you will know the strengths, weaknesses of your protection trees and the power of each type of zombie to know how to overcome it.

The following guidelines have pictures and descriptions of how to place the plant properly, which one first, which one, and where should be on the screen. Refer as needed.

Plants vs Zombies 1:

At level 1, all of the levels are very easy, so you can set the lane to go through the screen.

Plants vs Zombies 2:

Plants vs zombies level 2-1: Enter the sunflower plants vs zombies free first to get another planted sun. Whenever there is enough sun, plant a pea shooter in the next row. In the process, grow mushrooms in front of you for free and kill zombies pretty well.

Plants vs. Zombies level 2-2: Priority is given to sunflowers. When you have enough sun, plant a row of Peashooters first. Finished, plant a row of wall nut (wall nut) to zombie pliers. Finally, add a row of bean shoots to increase damage and a potato mine to protect the garden.

Game Guide Plants vs Zombies is great for all ages

Game Guide Plants vs Zombies is great for all ages

Plants vs zombies level 2-3: Same as screen 2, always priority to plant two rows of sunflower and a row of shoots, sun, plant protection trees.

Plants vs. Zombies level 2-4: order priority, 2 rows of sunflowers, 1 row of beans, 1 row of nut, 1 row of potatoes and 1 row of potatoes ( potato mine)

Plants vs zombies level 2-6: 2 rows of sunflower first, followed by a row of shoots and a row of wall nuts. During the game, use the grave buster to keep the zombies under the grave and do not forget to keep the mushrooms free of charge at the location shown.

Plants vs zombies level 2-7: 2 rows of sunflowers to earn sun, 1 row of bean shoots to deal damage, 1 wall nut to keep zombies for a long time and 1 Hypno Shroom, in too The potato mine is constantly growing. This zombie appearance is crowded and violent, creating 2 -3 layers of protection as the new image is absolutely safe.

Plants vs Zombies level 2-8: 2 sunflowers, 1 row of tree shoots, 1 wall nut, 1 row of hypnosis, 1 row of potatoes. Generally zombie screen is extremely crowded, should lay protective layer as screen 2 to 7 but may at the end of the screen, your protective barrier will be fringed as in the picture above.

Plants vs Zombies level 2-9: Layouts are similar to those in front of two rows of sun, one row of damage, three rows of guard, and the rest of the foot. So it’s okay how many zombies are

Plants vs zombies level 2-10: This screen is not for plant selection but must use existing plant. Mostly fungus. Create 4 lines of damage with 2 mushrooms and mushrooms, in front of the 4 rows of protection are 2 rows of hypnotic mushrooms, zombies will step right back to your garden.

Plants vs Zombies 3 (daytime, with lake)

Plants vs zombies game level 3-1: Note that during the day, all fungi are useless. At this stage should be a row of sunflower, a row of bean shoots and a row of potatoes is enough to pass.

Plants vs zombies level 3-2: 1 sunflower, 1 cane, 1 wall nut, 1 cane, 1 potato

Plants vs. Zombies level 3-3: similar to 3-2

Plants vs Zombies level 3-4: Also in the old layout, but in the lake should have 2 more Shoots because of so many new damage zombies go under the water in this scene.

Plants vs Zombies level 3

Plants vs Zombies 3

Plants vs zombies level 3-6: Similar to the 3-2, in the lake should place lots of duck and tangle kelp to lure zombies into the water.

Plants vs zombies level 3-7: This level of zombies is extremely crowded, so put Threepeater in the middle rows, not on the top and bottom to cover the charge. Instead, place two pea pods. Also make a row of wall nut resting and a row of potatoes for protection.

Plants vs. zombies level 3-8: 1 sunflower seeds, 1 tree shot, 1 tourchwood, 2 shotgun, 1 wall nut, 1 potato guard.

Plants vs zombies level 3-9: Number of flowers increased to 8 flowers arranged in the picture, with 2 rows of bean shoots at the same time, add a row of torches, each time you shoot up to 4 orbs. Fire enough to kill dozens of zombies. This one does not need a wall nut, just a potato bed is fine.

Plants vs zombie level 3-10: Last level of level 3, only selected tree. Arrange for 2-3 rows of tall nuts to rest the legs, a row of dazzling logs and dozens of bean seedlings behind.

Plants vs zombies 4 (lake and fog at night)

Plants vs. zombies level 4-1: 8 sunflowers like a tree, a shot of a pea shoot, and free water fungus without the need for a protective layer.

Plants vs zombies level 4-2: 8 sunflowers, a row of beanstalkers, a row of wall nut, a row of potatoes, place two lanterns on either side to see the zombie’s path.

Plants vs zombies level 4-3: In this scene after planting 8 full-grown citrus trees, plant a row of cactus cactus (under water rows) to deal with bubbles flying in the air, without firing. During the course of the game, keep growing free mushrooms, potatoes.

Plants vs zombies level 4-4: Arranged like 4-3, but the amount of cactus increases by 1 row and grows tall notes to keep the zombies longer.

Plants vs zombies level 4-6: In this scene there are zombies digging zombies through the garden and eat all the plants in the opposite. So let’s go to a row of potatoes in the first row (on the ground), when the zombies come up from the ground and die instantly. It does not need to plant bean shoots, just four to five free mushrooms and a row of tall nut is okay.

Plants vs zombies level 4-7: 8 sunflowers, one starfruit, the first row of potatoes, one row of tall nut, and finally two rows of fruit. Put 2 lanterns to see the screen clearly.

Plants vs. Zombies Level 4-8: Simple as pictured, no potato rows are needed in the first row because there are no zombies.

Plants vs. zombies level 4-9: 8 sunflowers, 1 row of mushroom magnets to attract metals from plants vs zombies pc, making them harmless, 1 row of tall buttons and as many free mushrooms as possible.

Plants vs zombies 5 (daytime, on the roof)

Plants vs zombies online level 5-1: Because the roof is not used to shoot beans should be used to shoot the corn. First is a row of sunflowers, a row of cabbage, a row of tall nut and a row of cabbage.

Plants vs. zombies level 5-2: 1 sunflower, 1 cabbage, 1 row of tall nut and 2 cabbage

Plants vs. zombies level 5-3: 1 sunflower, 1 grain of corn, 1 row of highlighter knot, 1 row of potato guard and 1 row of fruit.

Plants versus zombies level 5-4: Set as 5-2 but have 1 more Fruit, 1 potato, and 1 row of tallies. Pay attention to use Twin Sunflower to make more than double sun.

Plants vs. zombies level 5-6: Simple as pictured, 1 sunflower, 1 cabbage, 1 row tall and finally 2 cabbage

Plants vs. zombies level 5-8: 1 sunflower, 2 cabbage, 1 row of tall nuts, 1 potato and 1 cabbage.

Plants vs zombies level 5-9: This zombie is extremely horrible, the top two are yummy, three rows of cabbage, a row of potatoes, two rows of tallies. This arrangement is reasonable, but also not sure to help you through the screen, please use more Flexible fire to kill zombies if they are too crowded.

Plants vs zombies level 5-10: The last scene of the game, in the pots, try to grow lots of watermelon, corn and cabbage as much damage is done. The plants vs zombies unblocked boss will drop all kinds of zombies and you will not have any protective barriers such as tall nuts or potato mines. Special attention is to save the frosting and frostbite freeze, when the boss down the fire frost is frozen mushrooms, when the boss drops snowballs using the fire red peppers. Also when the boss is down at the dozens of watermelon, cabbage fired the boss. And the boss will die after the last few drops.

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Game Guide Plants vs Zombies is great for all ages
5 (100%) 2 votes

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