Top the best new zombie games

Top the best new zombie games
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New zombie games – the best and best free zombie games. Maybe this is a game genre that is combined quite cleverly between the horror and fun fun. Although the image is a little scary, but the zombie games free content is very interesting. The game is designed for all ages so you rest assured when your children play these games. This is our suggestion to you, some of the best games on zombies.

Top the best new zombie games – minecraft zombie games

1/ Zombie Craft Survival 3D

Zombie Craft Survival 3D is a first-person shooter zombie games free free that combines a 3D-based survival style with free-to-play.

new zombie games

Players will collect new items or build weapons to continue this exciting journey!

Zombie Craft Survival 3D is a mix of great genres like zombie shooting, action adventure and survival. In the open world built of Minecraft-style mines, the mission of the player is to discover everything around, make weapons and tools, shoot zombies to survive … with new 3D graphics technology. Zombie Craft Survival 3D for Windows 10 presents a more beautiful and vivid combat environment than other pixel new zombie games on ps4.

Your mission is to survive as long as possible in order to protect your life and fight off the onslaught of nasty zombies. At hand is a gun and a modern arsenal. Players will collect new items or build weapons to continue this exciting journey!

How to play all zombie killer game–  Zombie Craft Survival 3D:

  • Press E to re-enable the mouse control.
  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move up and down, left and right.
  • Shift to run: Space = dance; F = pick up items; E = open warehouse.

Main Features of Zombie Craft Survival 3D:

  • Provides players with a variety of modern weapons such as airsoft guns, pistols, rifles, sniper rifles, bombs … And other equipment such as wooden fishing rods, tableware, medical …
  • Integrated 3 maps combat.
  • Make furniture in the vast 3D world.
  • Head to the massive zombie army, fierce.
  • Manufacturing a variety of weapons.
  • Item rich system.
  • Build shelter and barracks for the military.
  • Level up character.

In the game Zombie Craft Survival 3D – new zombie games on xbox one. Players will find survivors are lurking in the area infected with deadly virus from zombies. Let’s start by choosing character classes and armor. So that you are ready to confront the hated zombies. Build houses, shoot zombies, combine items … To take advantage of Zombie Craft Survival 3D’s horror battlefield.

2/ Ninja Kid vs Zombie

You can play now by clicking here: new zombie games on ps4

new zombie games

This will make the children excited and want to play immediately.

Lovely fun game. In this new zombie games pc you will choose the characters you like to role play. There are 3 characters for you to choose. The samurai sheds experience. Ninja boy cute, agile and skillful no less. The other character is a ninja girl dressed in pink.
Characters are designed chibi image pretty cute. This will make the children excited and want to play immediately.

Your mission is to destroy all the zombies blocking the way. On the way you just have to use the skills to kill the zombies just have to overcome various obstacles.

How to play Ninja Kid vs Zombie

  • Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.
  • Use the space bar to use the arrow keys to jump or move.
  • The zombie games free online is easy to play and the difficulty level is always increasing.
  • You will definitely enjoy playing this game!

3/ Dying Light

It’s not hard to see that Dying Light – new zombie games 2018 borrows many elements from other titles. From the fierce focus on the melee and open world of Dead Island, the parkour mechanism in Mirror’s Edge to the “light” roleplay of Far Cry 3, but Techland has been extremely aggressive. “Cool hands” when reconcile all these factors and create a diverse, interesting and extremely attractive.

Fighting in Dying Light is not so much different from Dead Island. It is still the phase of “spiral impulse” with the spirit of “eat more” is above all, through the beat, the writer felt the feeling of “happy people” lightly “through four, five zombies standing in front of him.

new zombie games

It’s not hard to see that Dying Light – new zombie games 2018 borrows many elements from other titles

If there is no iron in hand, then how to “be nice” zombies are preparing to “scrape” himself? Very simple, it is taking advantage of the surrounding environment! You can either pedal or grasp their heads and push them onto wooden spikes or barbed wire. And if you want to “tin” more, you can use “Dropkick” – flying and throwing charges. they are several meters away – new zombie games!

However, in the context of the enclosure, it would be the most popular strategy. And that is when the parkour mechanism began to shine.

It’s not as complex and confusing as the Mirror’s Edge. But it’s not as simple as it sounds like Assassin’s Creed, Parkour in Dying Light requires some time to get used to the environment and terrain. And once it’s done There are no obstacles that can not be overcome.

Gameplay: “Hot Pepper” delicious!

Once you have upgraded your parkour skills from Agility. the climbing and climbing phases of the the new zombie games are smoother and more free than ever, not to mention incredible speed!

If the Slums occupied fairly spacious areas and areas separated by walls. The Old Towns (Sector 0) would “turn” 180 degrees with narrow paths. And the “sticky” houses, along with the rugged areas of the impressive high altitude.

Also, grappling hook would make many people surprised by the “slightly butterfly” of Just Cause 2  here.

The parkour mechanism is not new, but it is used in an irreplaceable way in Dying Light – new zombie games on ps4. Discovering the city of Harran on its feet is much more enjoyable than sitting in the car and visiting with the naked eye.

Dying Light’s role-playing element is quite similar to Far Cry 3 – new zombie games. Crane possesses three skill classes, Survivor, Agility, and Power. It is worth noting that all three of these branches own three columns of experience points.

The Survivor Column can be filled by completing quests, challenging quests, rescuing survivors from the zombies or Rais’s limbs … Experience points for Agility are added each time the player performs climbing. or overcome obstacles. Finally, the classic “Combat” column, causing the opponent to “bleed” as much as possible!

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new zombie games

This again demonstrates the player’s freedom in Dying Light.

The division of these three skills helps to motivate players to participate in various activities. As well as exploit Parkour skills and combat in the new zombie games. With no skills gripping each other. This again demonstrates the player’s freedom in Dying Light.

The final highlight of Dying Light is the amount of content is extremely rich. In addition to challenges such as killing zombies for a certain amount of time or running out of the map area without being detected, the co-op mode also offers some challenges. Very interesting as … run to the drop (airdrop) or see who “picked up the bottle” the most!

The number of extras in Dying Light is huge: escorting a person to safety, scrambling for supplies with Rais hands, “unlocking” a safe house (Safe House), entering the quarantine area (quarantine zones) … However, the  new zombie games actually begins when night falls …

“Good evening … and good luck”

It was a statement that made the writer really curious about Dying Light. And by the time he spent his first night in Harran, the writer understood the “depth” of that statement. Imagine the zombies in The Walking Dead in the morning starting to turn into zombies in 28 Days Later in the evening, good luck!

In the evening, the zombies become more sensitive to the noise. One of them can evolve and chase Crane (while the morning moves at the speed of … turtle). They become more crowded, more aggressive, constantly screaming in the sky. However. They are nothing when Volatile bloodthirsty blood began to enter the new zombie games.

In the morning, they hide in dark, damp places. At night, Volatile begins to go out and start “hunting”. They are very “buffalo”. But not as fast as the players but … not tired, climbing on a moderate level and of course never go alone, but all … with a few more to have. “air”.

Even when the writers are holding in their hands the powerful ax, cutting Volatile like … “cut bananas” after a while also have to run away because they “like the army”. When there are 3 more companion in the event is not better than, strong who get … run but dare not stay to eat again!

Actually, avoiding Volatile is not a problem, as long as you are familiar with the “hidden” style in Far Cry. Turn off the flashlight, get out of sight, and run home safely.

But I do not understand why the writer likes the feeling of being “chased” in Dying Light – new zombie games. a dose of adrenaline that stimulates the spirit of excitement, as well as practice his parkour skills.

Dying Light also supports the “wildlife” players in the evening by gaining experience points while in action. The cat-and-mouse race in Dying Light is probably never going to get old and boring, as daytime idiots become “prey” at night, a rhythm change. Extremely impressive!

Top the best new zombie games
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