The top online zombie games multiplayer

The top online zombie games multiplayer
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Online zombie games multiplayer – Interesting game from zombie. Imagine the city you are in is threatened by the abject living corpses. Your mission is to defend the city, destroy the living corpse. Help the city not get infected. Here are some suggestions on how to fight zombies. Please select a game for fun!

The top online zombie games multiplayer – zombie killer game

1/ Zombie Shooting King

Zombie Shooting King is a great shooter on mobile from mobirix developer. With a simple but fun way to play, Zombie Shooting King will bring you the best FPS experience, the best ever.

In this playground, you play a super-hero, destroying a large group of zombies from a distance. With a powerful firearm, accurate shot-shooting ability, pull the trigger and lower all the online zombie games multiplayer survival .

online zombie games multiplayer

The intuitive online zombie games multiplayer for free control system includes a scroll button on the left side of the screen

Gamers are armed with a diverse arsenal of various guns, even grenades. You can switch to other fast weapons while fighting to destroy the corpse more effectively. Or make use of the explosives in the field. Shoot them to create a terrible explosion, to blow up many enemies at the same time.

Zombie Shooting King is shown along the vertical screen. The intuitive online zombie games multiplayer for free control system includes a scroll button on the left side of the screen, a fire button and a function button on the right. You can also watch the zombie wave, the HP index and the score you achieved at the top of the screen.

Zombie Shooting King is a real, unique zombie killer game. You feel sitting high and pointing the gun down. This will help gamers cover the battlefield better, more accurate shot. Lively sound makes the war more attractive.

Features of Zombie Shooting King for Android

  • Enjoy the FPS experience with simple controls.
  • Different weapons for you to use, ensure life.
  • Collect Survivor cards and create unique abilities.
  • Support multi-player mode.
  • Supports 16 languages ​​and charts.
  • 3d online zombie games multiplayer can be played without an internet connection.

2/ Dead Target: Zombie

Dead Target: Zombie – The deadly target shooter for RPG VNG GAME STUDIOS is making a big hit in some countries have versions for Android. Get involved in the unforgettable adventure in the unequal battle to escape the dead land in the new zombie games Dead Target: Zombie graphics great graphics to bring you a live experience as real.

Here are some key features of “Dead Target”: Zombie

online zombie games multiplayer

Good news for the followers of Dead Target: Zombie – online zombie games multiplayer,


  • Beautiful 3D graphics, true-to-life sound effects.
  • Zombies have many different shapes and abilities for the player to experience.
  • A variety of gas instruments featured and unlocked many new advanced weapons.
  • Big boss battles with unforeseen strengths.
  • Complete the quest to unlock new rounds and score multiple rewards

Content: In 2040, World War III took place, the borders of nations changed, prompting the modern war industry to enter a new era after the Minister of Defense signed with the CS. Project Dead Goal – online zombie games multiplayer: Transform the prisoners into super killers. However, CS blatantly betrayed the treaty and threatened to activate the dead body disease if the president did not follow them. And the era of destruction begins.

The danger of extinction is approaching when the communist has completely infected a city to prove its word. A special commando group was hired to the battlefield to gather information before the army launched a counterattack campaign – Operation Apocalypse (destroying all).

After all, only you and Agent M survived, proving that things are going the wrong way. Now you and your companion must find a way out of hell, cross the dead, save M and make way for reinforcements or you will be reunited with your brothers in the golden stream. Be careful with the surroundings, the wandering corpses are bloodthirsty heroic. The fate of mankind is in your hands!

New features of Dead Target: Zombie

Good news for the followers of Dead Target: Zombie – online zombie games multiplayer, that is completely updated live dead immortal. Thank you for your support and contribution, we are very pleased to announce that Dead Target: Zombie has been completely updated. Here are some new features that could not have been better in Dead Target: Zombie Day Returns:

  • Updated immortal mode and new maps (Level 6+).
  • Have upgraded to a wider download screen to help you discover.
  • Guns: The current CS50 guns feature 12 rounds instead of 7 rounds as in the previous version.
  • Updated daily tasks.
  • Upgraded IAP options and fixes for billing issues.
  • Improved Save / Load mode, avoiding data loss.
  • Added additional maps and new zombies.
  • The main advantage of Dead Target: Zombie.
  • Dead Target: Zombie is a FPS download online zombie games multiplayer.
  • Beautiful 3D graphics with incredible detail.
  • Music and sound effects are realistic.
  • The whole corpse of life is chasing you.
  • Become a killer assassin living style with a magnificent weapons system.
  • Upgrading weapons to cope with the flood of living corpses is coming.
  • Experience the feeling of killing live 3d corpses.
  • Complete all the achievements and quests to compete with your friends.
  • Interact with the environment to survive.
  • Fun and free
  • Dead Object: Dead body is a free game, where living corpses approach you like a tsunami.
  • Enjoy the feeling of killing live corpses.
  • Countless ways to kill the corpse: aim at the head, clamp your limbs and crush them like little worms with your grenades.
  • New content is updated regularly.

Great effect

online zombie games multiplayer

Sound environment to create a sense of role.

  • 3D graphics with real light show the infection of the living corpse.
  • The Ragdoll effect gives you a bigger feel than ever.
  • Each gun has different sound effects similar to the real-life version.
  • Sound environment to create a sense of role.


  • The online zombie games multiplayer survival come in a variety of shapes and abilities.
  • The big boss is like a freak destroyer chasing you.
  • Some live specimens can be extremely dangerous with the ability to spread disease in large areas.
  • Sometimes shooting in the head is not the best way, think like a sniper before deciding to attack.

Weapons and gadgets

  • Many featured weapons (rifles, pistols, machine guns, grenade launchers).
  • Unlock powerful guns and become true killers.
  • Explore the modern military equipment with a series of formidable weapons.
  • Easily get different weapons without harsh plowing
    Choosing the right assistant will help you become the .
  • killer on the battlefield as a real shooter.

Mission and accomplishment

  • Complete tasks to rank and unlock new items.
  • Kill as many alive as possible. All achievements will be recorded.
  • Strange achievements will be rewarded the highest.
  • Compare your progress with your friends, pass all to the top in the list of friends and other players across the globe.

Over 1000 battles in different areas

  • Stop the living body from escaping and run into the safe area.
  • Corrective life in a hospital research, treatment of epidemic.
  • Stop the living corpses entering the subway network to spread out across the city, villages.
  • Protect a broken line – online zombie games multiplayer for free
  • Investigating a prison where the so-called hell is, no grass can grow.

Pay attention to the items around them, which may be the key to your survival. Just firing the right spot can cause a huge explosion.
Do not run away, you can massacre the invasion of the corpse by force of you and the support of SWAT forces.

The top online zombie games multiplayer
5 (100%) 3 votes

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