Zombie driving games

Zombie driving games
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Zombie driving games, Imagine the city you are in is threatened by the abject living corpses. Your mission is to defend the city, destroy the living corpse. Help the city not get infected. Here are some suggestions on how to fight zombies. Please select a game for fun!

Zombie driving games – online zombie games multiplayer

1/ Zombie Highway 2

Zombie games, also known as live-action zombie driving games unblocked. Are quite popular on mobile platforms in recent years. If you are a zombie sniper games devotee then surely you are no stranger to games like Zombie Tsunami, Plants vs. Zombies or Zombie Evil. In most of these games, the player assumes the task of using the weapons available to destroy the mad zombies. However, with Zombie Highway 2, gamers will have a completely different experience, not just to kill the living dead, but this game also has a mix of speed games.

zombie driving games

They are planning to take over the car and the task of the player zombie driving games unblocked is to break the conspiracy of these living corpses.

The scene of Zombie Highway 2 revolves around a car is moving on the road and is constantly being caught by unknown zombies. They are planning to take over the car and the task of the player zombie driving games unblocked is to break the conspiracy of these living corpses. As you move around on the highway and around the uninhabited area. You can enjoy the roller coaster ride without having to worry too much about the controls. Instead, gamers need to focus on maximizing how to kill zombies as much as possible without damaging their vehicle. Once you have killed a certain number of dead bodies, you will be given additional weapons such as pistols or speeding up with Nitro to crush any zombies that dare to climb up your carriage.

Main features of Zombie Highway 2

  • Enhanced graphics, sharp images, additional auto-acceleration features with Nitro to crush zombies.
    6 redesigned cabs.
  • 17 upgraded weapons, 100% refreshed, 4 additional super weapons.
  • Added 4 new zombies, bringing the total number of zombies to 10.
    58 challenging goals.
  • Join the game to experience everyday fun quests.
  • New roads with random contexts.
  • Friends will appear on the highway at the place where they score the highest.

As soon as the game starts, the player will be sent to the track with a shiny car. The zombie driving games online interface will not come with a game introduction, storyline or any other game guide. Note that in Zombie Highway 2, you will have to tilt the device in order to control your carriage and avoid the obstacles that other cars are randomly arranged on the road. One thing to note, when you start playing. The player zombie killer game is not upgraded to Nitro mode right away. But you need to kill a certain number of zombies. So, at this stage to kill them, gamers should try to drive the car close to the obstacles on the road. Causing the collision to knock them out of the car. Also, if you find zombies in front, you can also drive your car straight into it.

2/ Zombie Anarchy

In Zombie Anarchy, players will find ways to survive in a world filled with dangerous zombies by recruiting talented survivors on their side, teaming up against attackers. This is a fighting zombie driving games with many charismatic features.

zombie driving games

In this zombie sniper games, players will take on a completely different journey.

Zombie Anarchy is a tactical game for PC running Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 and above. In the multiplayer mode, players will build bases, try to defend, execute the campaign and complete the missions. You can attack other players to earn more resources. This zombie driving games online is quite similar to the online strategy game similar to Clash of Clans or Boom Beach of Supercell. In this zombie sniper games, players will take on a completely different journey. Currently, Zombie Anarchy has been released for PC, iOS and Android.

Key Features of Zombie Anarchy Strategy Game

  • Recruit survivors.
  • Strengthening the defensive system of the camp.
  • Beat the other players.
  • Clean up the zombies.
  • Overcoming catastrophe.
  • Become a legend.
  • Free download and play.
  • You can buy some items in the zombie driving games with real money if you want.

Not a typical army builder game:

zombie driving games

First of all it should be noted that the strategy zombie driving games free for PCs and Windows Phone Zombie Anarchy.

First of all it should be noted that the strategy zombie driving games free for PCs and Windows Phone Zombie Anarchy. Does not play in such a familiar way as to build troops and send them to fight in campaigns or rush into the base of other players to fight fight. Instead Zombie Anarchy has many special heroes with different abilities. Players will find ways to utilize these abilities in battle. You will start with Kane – a nearby hit character who can swing an ax, throwing Molotov to deal damage to an entire area.

Graphically, the strategy game for PC Zombie Anarchy looks quite similar to other strategy zombie killer game but has a plot involving zombies.

Try to survive the fight with zombies

In Zombie Anarchy, a zombie-killing strategy game, players will see many zombies. As the leader of the survivors, the player will try to build his own base, raise the level and upgrade the safe areas to protect himself from the attackers. win trophies.

Campaigns in strategy games for PC Zombie Anarchy acts as a gaming guide to help players improve the power of heroes and build bases. You will start playing the game by learning how to build many different buildings and upgrade your heroes. Basically, players can see missions in the lower left side of the hero’s face. By clicking here, players zombie driving games  will see what needs to be done to advance in the chapters of the mission.

Upon leveling up, players will be able to unlock more heroes for use in quests and battles with other players. The new zombie games on ps4 includes daily quests for players to earn Bloodstone (paid currency). After completing the quest, the player will receive items or other items, such as Food, which will help train the heroes, help them recover energy, or use gold gear to use them. to upgrade the works.

Think strategically and give orders

Tactical PC and Windows Phone Zombie Anarchy – zombie driving games is not just a slash-and-fire tactic, but it also requires the ability to think strategically and press the correct button to command the heroes, ensuring They survived the uprising of the zombies or ammunition of other players.

When attacking an opponent’s base, the player will get the materials for upgrading and the currency units in the game as food or other things. In addition, players will also win trophies to climb the rankings.

3/ Resident Evil

At the time of release, Resident Evil was considered a pioneer zombie driving games for the Survival Horror genre. A genre of action-adventure-based adventure games based on horror, but the genre does not focus on violent acts, but rather focuses on finding puzzles, solving puzzles, and survive in strict conditions.

The protagonists are almost not equipped “teeth”, even the amount of ammunition items are very scarce. Thus, the highlight of this genre, as well as the Resident Evil series, is to create “fear” for the player.

zombie driving games

 which is gradually due to the later versions.

Keeping the original content on the original GameCube. Resident Evil HD Remaster has reproduced perfectly the horror that created the success of the zombie driving games. which is gradually due to the later versions.

If you are a beginner in Resident Evil, this first version is the source of all the events that took place in Raccoon City. Players will play Chris Redfield, or Jill Valentine – two members of the task team S.T.A.R.S, whose mission investigates the mysterious disappearance.

Bold “substance” Resident Evil

After a series of opening events, the two will be trapped in a large mansion, full of zombies. Find the way out of the mansion, decipher the mystery is the main task of the player.

Depending on the character the player chooses, they will have different pros and cons. Jill can carry more items, but the resistance to attacks is lower, contrary to Chris.

And unlike the later ones, when the two characters will have two separate plays with the same storyline. They will differ only in some plot and puzzle sequences.

Solving puzzles, while confronting zombies, is extremely challenging. This is even more difficult when most quizzes are quite difficult and very challenging, while the support or hints are not that great, making the player zombie driving games always have to do the maximum brainstorming.

These are also the features that make up the very first Resident Evil, which the later versions never return.

In addition, the container of the contents of the character is limited, so you always have to consider what to leave nothing. Rotation angles are also fixed, with pre-rendered scenes, an extremely popular term in the 90’s. This is very rare in today’s horror games.

And for those who have already completed the game since the early days of the GameCube, Resident Evil HD Remaster is worth the experience again, because that time was under 10 years, is a Too long they do not remember how “I did it”.

Thus, experiencing the true Resident Evil in the midst of the full range of instant noodles games like today will bring a sense of nostalgia.

New control mode

In addition to graphics, Capcom also improved an equally important part is the character control mechanism.

In the original, the mechanism is called “Tank Control”, ie the character can only go forward and backward, the left and right keys only help the character circle. This is a very popular control game with ancient games
Now, the three-dimensional control mechanism has been added to the Resident Evil HD Remaster, along with a customizable button, which allows the character to move around in 360 degrees at will.

Therefore, whether they are new players, or “veterans”, they can easily experience Resident Evil HD Remaster.

Improved graphics

For those of you who have been skeptical about the graphics of the remake of the GameCube in 2002. It would have been amazing to be back at Spencer’s Resident Evil HD remaster.

Still, the characters, but now becomes more detailed and clear, along with the new light effects game “scary”. Especially when the resolution is raised to 1080p, and reach the frame rate of 60 fps. Thus, players zombie driving games will have a “smooth” feel when experiencing Resident Evil HD Remaster.

Not only that, though, Capcom has added a 16: 9 aspect ratio for today’s widescreens, but still retains the 4: 3 aspect ratio, for those who like to enjoy it. This classic game as “classic” as possible.

Still, the graphics of Resident Evil HD Remaster are not really impressive compared to the current game, some scenes are less detailed details or explosive effects are not monumental.

This is understandable and easy to understand when the GameCube version came out in 2002, and the Resident Evil has been around for nearly 20 years.

Zombie driving games
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