Top best zombie fighting games

Top best zombie fighting games
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Zombie fighting games – interesting zombie killer game. Content interwoven entertainment factor is a little horror. You will fight with the zombies protecting where you live, protecting the things you love. Here are some games about fighting zombies, you can refer. Choose your favorite game.

Top best zombie fighting games – zombie killer game

1/ Samurai vs Zombies Defense

zombie fighting games

Against the zombie attack in the game Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Android.

Play the brave samurai to defend your village, against the zombie attack in the game Samurai vs Zombies Defense for Android.

Samurai is a popular game in action strategy stickman zombie fighting games. Such as Bushido Saga, Samurai Siege … In the Samurai vs. Zombies Defense, the player’s task is to find allies. and build strong defenses to prevent the massive and violent attacks of the Zombie army.


  • Strategy Game: Build up the defense against Zombie attacks.
  • Combine with allies to get support.
  • Big win in mini zombie games free Play Pichinko to earn items.
  • Upgrade the Samurai: Attack weapons, defense.
  • Samurai vs Zombies Defense is a free zombie fighting games unblocked, but users can pay to buy more items.

2/ Call of Mini: Zombies

Call of Mini: Zombies is an attractive third-person shooter in Triniti Interactive’s Call of Mini series. Your task is to destroy all the zombies in the town through many attractive game modes.

zombie fighting games

It all depends on the player’s zombie fighting games free download actions.

A strange virus has spread throughout the small town. It turns ordinary healthy people into living corpses and changes their appetites from eating fresh food to eating human brain.

Some survivors, including you, have bravely resisted the zombies. You are armed with machine guns and rockets. Can all win and secure their lives? It all depends on the player’s zombie fighting games free download actions.

Call of Mini: Zombies

  • Great 3D graphics.
  • The run-and-gun action is fast and furious.
  • Great weapons available in stock for you to use.

The player’s mission is to destroy the massive zombies, get bonuses and use that money to buy and upgrade new weapons before sunset. The new survival journey will start the next day. Give me a chance to try again with another weapon.

Weapons in Call of Mini: Zombies – 2 player zombie fighting games have up to 13 upgraded weapons and 8 unique characters that players can choose to match their style. At any time, equip yourself with three weapons including melee combat, high accuracy ranged missiles, missile launchers or flamethrowers.

Of course, this arsenal will not do anything unless there are zombies to fight. The zombie fighting games online has twelve crazy zombies, each with a different character.

Play Call of Mini: Zombies, you can try in two modes including surviving co-op fight and four crazy players. Although playing in any mode, your life is the most important factor.

3/ Anger of Stick 5

Anger Of Stick 5 For Android is the latest action stickman zombie fighting games where the player becomes the hero who rescues everyone in the city from the enemy. Quickly download games to experience right away.

zombie fighting games

Enemies appear in the crowd on the street and arrest innocent people as tools for experiments.

Anger of Stick 5 on Android is an exciting role-playing zombie games pc for mobile phones running Android 2.3 and above from J-PARK. Players need to pass the challenge, prove themselves, fight flexibly, avoid the enemy’s bullets to win.

Come to Anger of the Stick 5, you will participate in the fight rods extremely fierce. Enemies appear in the crowd on the street and arrest innocent people as tools for experiments. Many people turn into zombies. The task of the player is to become a hero rod, seek allies, coordinate against the enemy, rescue people with great martial arts. Use a variety of powerful weapons such as helicopters, robot.

You can combine up to 6 teammates with unique fighting styles and unique weapons to wipe out enemies from the neighborhood, finding and bringing uninfected people to safety. You can also experience both single mode and Jombie mode. Players need to master many combat skills, dodging enemy attacks to reduce damage.

In addition, Anger of the Stick 5 players fascinated by the playful appeal, beautiful graphics, vibrant sound, clarity. Since the launch of Anger of the Stick 5 has become the hottest zombie fighting games in the world with a record of 40 million downloads.

Features of the game Anger of the Stick 5 on Android

  • Various weapons to eliminate enemies.
  • Multiple levels with increasing difficulty challenging players.
  • Gamers need to master many combat skills.
  • It is possible to experience two modes: single mode and Jombie mode.
  • Collect allies to excel in combat.
  • Requires players to fully utilize the features of the zombie fighting games.
  • Selected role-playing favorites.
  • Simple graphics, beautiful, simple operation.
  • Supported on many different machines.

To win the Anger of the Stick 5 on Android, you need to destroy the enemy as quickly as possible. In addition, you need to upgrade weapons to avoid damage, loss of blood, and more victories. Entertaining screens in the game will definitely bring exciting entertainment, interesting for players.

4/ Hungry Hal

You can cliking here: zombie fighting games

zombie fighting games

After being even he could die in the epicenter of the great flood.

Today we bring you a new zombie games free online Hungry Hal. While in one of the US cities there was an explosion at a chemical laboratory that conducted research and development of biological weapons. All chemicals are thrown into the air and people living in the city breathe toxic air. Many died, but half of them turned into zombies. The main character of the best zombie fighting games download is Hal. He needs to get out of the affected area and leave the city. After being even he could die in the epicenter of the great flood.

You and I can help him get out of the kill area. We just ran down the streets of the city. But this should be done carefully because the road will go through traps and obstacles that we need to get around. After all, if we have been with them, we may die. So, we need to feed our hero, and he will perish. On the road, collect the bones that they offer the feeling of no watch out for the saturated sensation band at the top of the screen. If it is set to fail then the character will explode your brain and it will die.

Each new position is a complex issue, but we believe you can do it and help Hal out of the city. Zombie fighting games – Hungry Hal has a very unique and exciting story, it is from the first minute will attract all your attention. Good graphics and music will appeal to players of all ages. Due to the fact that the games are developed using the HTML5 platform you can play it online on our website in any operating system on any device. Open Hungry Hal and dive into the world of zombie adventure called Hel

Top best zombie fighting games
5 (100%) 2 votes

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