The top best zombie games 2018

The top best zombie games 2018
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 Zombie games 2018- Instead of using the fingers on the touch screen as before. You just drag the cards on the tree bar on top of the ground to plant trees to protect you from the attack of the dreaded Zombies. If you are a loyal fan of this game can not ignore the angry play on the computer we share soon.

The top best zombie games 2018 – zombie games for kids

1/ Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Plants vs. Plants Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 is the hottest and wildest shooter ever. Is version 2 of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, the zombie killer game brings new content, new features promising to enhance the player experience.

Zomboss has conquered Suburbia and transformed it into a plant paradise, filled by zombies. Now it’s time for the trees to attack in the Herbal Assault 24 new players and reclaim their territory. Or choose the factions in the solo or collaborative 4-player mode. With new modes of play, character classes and humor, Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 takes you on a fantasy battle. The new zombie games 2018 also features the highly interactive Backyard Battleground, which allows you to play with three other players in daily tasks and challenges, and interact with your favorite Plants Wars characters. Zombies.

zombie games 2018

The new zombie games 2018 also features the highly interactive Backyard Battleground

Features of Fruity Plants Game Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Attack Plants: This time, the trees create an attack on the zombies to reclaim Suburbia or stop the invasion of plants and preserve Zomburbia in completely new upcoming zombie games 2018 modes.

More characters, class and skin:

6 new character classes join the same characters, lifting the total number of classes to 14. Choose from over 100 types of trees and zombies from past, present, future to fight.
Play your way: The zombie games 2018 brings tons of gameplay inspired by plants so you can play alone or play with your friends. Play in Herbal Assault mode to join 24 online players and knock them out of Suburbia. Join the group of trees or zombies, team up in 4 player cooperation mode. And if you want, you can even play solo.

A living world of plants and zombies:

zombie games 2018

The struggles for Suburbia flourish across 12 maps, exploding with different personalities and humor.

The struggles for Suburbia flourish across 12 maps, exploding with different personalities and humor. Fight your way through the area of ​​Zombossified and the crowded airspace, where there are many mysteries waiting to be explored.
Backyard Battleground: Everything here depends on your decision, from the character’s ability to customize the quest. Enter the field of multiplayer or cooperate with friends. Set up a battle group and face the enemy. If someone is in your squad and makes it a bad side, move on and move the team.
Here are the features of Standard, Zombies – zombie games free: Garden Warfare 2 also has the Deluxe version, which includes the following:

Variation of the character Imp and Mech:

Do not be fooled by the size. Imp is the smallest and most versatile of the zombies, it can jump, fly and chuck its way when it wins. The Z7-Mech can deal massive damage with a highly destructive Z-Tech series of missiles.
Exclusive, customizable tree and zombie accessory package offers unique character customization
Package the character variants to unlock the tree or zombie variants
Get an initial coin pack when gaming to shopping accessories and more

If you look for something similar to the best zombie games 2018 Plants vs.. The original zombies will take place in the Plants vs. Zombies. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 you will be surprised. Fighting, array, location in the game is different from the original game. Moreover, the redesigned characters bring a lot more fun, sharper and impressive. If you love crazy, crazy, explosive battles between trees and zombies, then you have a lot to do in Plants vs. Zombies. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2.

2/ 3D Zombie Wars

3D Zombie Wars, also known as Battle for Homeland Mad Animals, is a tower defense zombie killer game with a battle against zombies – sounds like a zombie killing game but the zombies in the best zombie games 2018 are not like the zombies. normal ghosts that you still see.

In 3D Zombie Wars, you will not fight the humans who turn into zombies instead of the zombies of the animals. These will be elephants, giraffes, bats, sheep, cows, zebras and many other animals, and even unicorns. These zombie animals are attacking the villages and where you fight will be the last line of defense. Armed with a variety of weapons, the player will fight off the waves of zombie animals rushed to this.

The option to purchase a variety of bombs in the game store

The Home page of the new zombie games 2018 has a fairly simple interface with options for viewing achievements, accessing settings (enabling or disabling audio), and visiting game stores to purchase in-app packages. Select Start, you will start playing. 3D Zombie Wars owns 24 villages with many levels gradually unlocked. Each level can be replayed and possesses 3 levels of difficulty (Normal, Nightmare and Hell). Before starting each level, players will also visit the game store to select the weapons they will use and buy or upgrade their bomb supplies. There are more than 15 major weapons that you can buy gradually through the gameplay process.

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The fighting style of the zombie games 2018 ps4 is quite simple with the player’s blood bar on the left, the center is the blood of the zombies and the right is the gold you earn. In the center, below the screen is the battle location, besides the bomb options. The two sides of the fighting position are two arrows to navigate the shot and the left side is the score. Zombies will come from the front and you just change the direction of the shot to destroy them. As the number of zombies grows, the bombs will become very useful.

Use the nuclear bomb to kill all the zombies on the table

zombie games 2018

Zombies do not go alone, they are accompanied by different speed.

Zombies do not go alone, they are accompanied by different speed. Some species require players to shoot multiple times to kill and if they reach your task, the zombie games 2018 ps4 will end. Besides moving at a different speed, some of the children carrying bombs can be harmful to the citadel. But in return, if you can destroy the bombs, the bomb (which explodes as soon as the player shoots them) will destroy nearby zombies.

At every level, when you kill all the zombies, you will see your score. Earned coins can be used to unlock new weapons and buy more bombs. Battle for Homeland Mad Animals owns beautiful graphics, challenging gameplay and zombie animals bring the fight more interesting. Many game environments with the characteristics of the different zombies make the zombie games 2018 a little bit of a tactical game (with children moving fast, children need to shoot several times …). 3D Zombie Wars games are free and there are packages to buy in-app to quickly have coin. You can install and play games on your Windows 10 computer or Windows Phone 8 device.

Main features of the player into 3D Zombie Wars

  • Game kill zombies with interesting zombie creatures.
  • Zombie shooting is the lifeblood of animals such as zebras, sheep, cows …
  • More than 15 types of guns like Gatlin, Laser Gun, Hell Gun …
  • Picture the world scene in the new zombie games 2018 pretty cute.
  • Beautiful graphics with live sound.
  • Variety of bombs give you lots of options for killing zombies as well as increasing the fun of gameplay.
The top best zombie games 2018
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