Top zombie games for kids

Top zombie games for kids
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zombie games for kids– the best and best free zombie games. Maybe this is a game genre that is combined quite cleverly between the horror and fun. Although the image is a little scary, but the game content is very interesting. The game is designed for all ages so you rest assured when your children play these games. This is our suggestion to you, some of the best games on zombies.

Top zombie games for kids – new zombie games

1/ Plants vs. Zombies

Plants vs. Plants Zombies is an addictive, addictive strategy game that supports both computer and mobile platforms. The player’s task in the zombie games for kids free is to plant and take care of the plants and fungi to destroy the zombies frantically attacking their homes. Plants vs. Plants Zombies offer a variety of play modes for you to choose from, graphics and lively sound as well as players.

Are you a Zombies game lovers? Have you ever played Plants vs Zombies 2 on PC? Can explain why Plants vs. Zombies 2 is so attractive right? Plants vs. Plants Zombies or another name is the new zombie games Snake Attack on the battle between the flowers. The fruit with the zombies, Plants vs Zombies game is a combination of tactics as well as the consciousness of the zombie games for kids online.

zombie games for kids

The fruit with the zombies, Plants vs Zombies game is a combination of tactics as well as the consciousness of the zombie games for kids online.

Plants vs. Plants Zombies or other familiar names are: angry fruits, kill alive, or battle Zomebies, … These are the hegemonics that professional gamers created for it specifically and in the game genre. Zombie horror. Plants vs. Zombies has a strange charm. When playing the zombie games for kids free online, you will have to fight the monsters alone to win

Can be easily played on PC or mobile device

The plant vs zombie 2 is still “as it was” originally developed for both PC and Mobile so that players can access it as fast as possible and share it with other players. Taken from the fictitious story of zombie games portraying fictional characters, the monster system in the game is more diverse, more than the zombie games free has elements of the same type of horror. Along with the storyline, strange fictional elements. The zombie games for kids to play also has beautiful graphics, vibrant sound, sharp image characteristics … which are also factors that make it increasingly popular.

Plant vs Zombies is a genre of action games that are quite familiar on both PCs and mobile devices that have been popular with millions of users for hours of fun. job. The player’s task is to kill the zombies, stopping their conspiracy to protect their garden and house.

Plant vs zombie 2 is a very familiar horror-based game that is being played by many players nowadays by unique and exciting graphics, varied and flexible gameplay. Players will experience themselves in the fight with the zombies, put themselves in vital condition when to use all the fighting ability to win with life.

The game brings you the comfort of leisure, fun!

Plant vs. Zombie not only brings you a kind of casual zombie games for kids online free. You also learn the skills of farming in fruit farms, learning how to react flexibly to many unexpected situations. out. This game also has beautiful graphics and lively background sounds that cheer you throughout the game.

If you like this type of shooter combination role-playing then the Strike would be the best choice. The Strike is a product of the popular FPS games that are popular among gamers, and can be played on low-profile PCs, including Shockwave, where players will incarnate and shooters. with the most advanced guns in the world today.

Plant vs Zombies 2 is a war between the angry fruits because of the attack of the zombie games for kids free. The war between the invaders and brave warriors stand up to protect their territory and property. You will be together with the tree species, weapons and skills provided to destroy the zombies and protect the garden. Your task is to keep the zombies from entering your home to eat your brain. The main tree species being the weapon, along with the falling sun units, you need to collect them. Once you have achieved the required score, you can plant trees to protect your home.

zombie games for kids

Plant vs Zombies draw a variety of zombies, each with different horror characters

Images, characters in the zombie games for kids free variety

Plant vs Zombies draw a variety of zombies, each with different horror characters, but they are very dangerous and are plotting to invade your home. You have a ramp of plant species, added to zombie-like mutant plants such as pea shooters and cherry bombs. In plant vs zombie players need to calculate, think swiftly to stop zombies, overcome obstacles like sunset, cold fog along a pool, get sunlight to plant trees in order to destroy the item. destructive target of the mummified army.

Plant vs. zombie – zombie games for kids free has a version of Plant vs zombie garden warfare 2 as well as garden warfare for Xbox One, besides you can also play Plant vs Zombie Online anymore.

Plant vs Zombies have 26 different types of zombies with special skills such as shovels to remove miscellaneous trees, zombies, zombies, shamans, demons, and demons. They will appear in turn causing you many times not to hand. The battles in plan and zombies will bring you all of this unexpected surprise and occasionally cause you to inhibit because of obstacles such as daytime changes, fog …

Many people are familiar with how to install plant vs zombie and play on mobile but you know how to install plant vs zombie to play on the PC is much more attractive thanks to the large screen, you spoil the sound and images unique In the zombie games for kids free. To install Plant vs Zombie on the computer, you need to download the EXE file of Plant vs Zombie on Taimienphi, then install the same as many other games are complete.

Main features of zombie vs plant 2:

  • Action game to kill zombies.
  • Many attractive game modes.
  • Provides a variety of zombies and plants.
  • Many weapons kill zombies.
  • Obstacle obstacles and unexpected challenges throughout the game.

2/ Ninja Kid vs Zombie

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zombie games for kids

On the way you just have to use the skills to kill the zombies just have to overcome various obstacles.

Lovely fun game. In this zombie games for kids you will choose the characters you like to role play. There are 3 characters for you to choose. The samurai sheds experience. Ninja boy cute, agile and skillful no less. The other character is a ninja girl dressed in pink.
Characters are designed chibi image pretty cute. This will make the children excited and want to play immediately.

Your mission is to destroy all the zombies blocking the way. On the way you just have to use the skills to kill the zombies just have to overcome various obstacles.

How to play Ninja Kid vs Zombie

  • Touch the screen or use the mouse to play.
  • Use the space bar to use the arrow keys to jump or move.
  • The zombie games free online is easy to play and the difficulty level is always increasing.
  • You will definitely enjoy playing this game!

3/ Killing Floor

Basically, the Killing Floor predecessor (KF) is a mod for the hit action zombie games for kids -Unreal Tournament 2004. The first game was released in 2005, KF was suddenly popular players heat response Paralysis and the game newspaper prestigious good rating. That is the motivation for Alex Quick – the leader of the KF development team – and his team continue to work to maintain this mod. In 2008, KF moved to version 2.5 and supported 4 players at the same time. Also in 2008, Tripwire was the first team to release Red Orchestra’s Mare Nostrum mod: Ostfront 41-45 on Valve’s Steam system and their reputation quickly spread around the world.

zombie games for kids

The pandemic swiftly spread throughout the city and the army was forced to eradicate the disaster.

Capturing the tastes of the gaming market at the time, Alex was “offering” KF Tripwire with the hope KF will achieve the same success on Steam. Tripwire immediately developed into a full-fledged zombie games for kids and released its first retail version via Steam shortly afterwards under the auspices of Valve. KF is still a lot of defects. But with exciting and fun gameplay, it really did not disappoint the players.

Simple but attractive

In the last days of August in the fog kingdom, Horzine Biotech, a biotech corporation, began conducting research to create a human army based on the human gene structure. But in the process, they made a serious mistake that led to the mutated specimen, transformed into a zombie and slaughtered innocent. Those who attacked them were infected and became specimen. The pandemic swiftly spread throughout the city and the army was forced to eradicate the disaster.

KF’s play is very simple: stop the sweep of the specimen, then find the arms dealer to buy more items to deal with the next attack. Turn around until you meet the boss of the Patriarch. He is a butcher who is equipped with “hot” teeth with gun launcher, 8-barrel machine gun and stealth capabilities. On the surface he seems trivial but the boss is very difficult to subdue, especially if you are alone in the single player. With 9 specimens, weapons of varying amounts and quality and non-linear maps ensure that you are free to roll over and be busy with the wave of attacks from the enemy.

Label, good listening

At first glance no one thought KF’s graphics were built on an old engine that was over 5 years old. Many people are worried because the first impression they have is the menu system is too bad and trouble. But the scenery in the zombie games for kids has pleased them, although the details are not high due to the application of old technology Pixel Shader 2.0, but developers have clever use of dark colors to cover up those defects and the As a result, you get monsters that are as good as Left 4 Dead, and even have a slightly better design and metallic look. Most importantly, KF requires a relatively “soft” configuration, which attracts many gamers, including a large number of people who only have mid-range or high-end machines.

The sound effects are great, especially the gunfire, the sound is strong and round sound. Voice acting is the most anti-trafficking voice, but the background music with metal rock songs full of fire will give you the courage to continue fighting and explore all the unique features that KF. hidden.

Top zombie games for kids
5 (100%) 4 votes

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