The zombie killer game

The zombie killer game
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Zombie killer game – interesting and engaging game. You will definitely like these types of games. By mixing many interesting elements. You like playing a role-playing game. Surely the game will bring you the exciting adventure full of fun.

The zombie killer game – zombie games free

1/ Zombie Shooter

The legendary Zombie shooter game on PC is now available for Android and iOS. If you’ve ever wandered Alien Shooter on your PC. Zombie Shooter will definitely give you a fun, third-person shooter experience with optimized touch screen zombie killer game online.

In the game you are the last survivor in the world filled with zombies in the pandemic that took place in 2076. That is the end after a deadly virus was accidentally created and infected quickly into humans. . The pandemic erupted and became out of control. It quickly spread to new lands and turned all the victims into walking corpses.

Like Zombie Zombies for Android, DEAD TARGET: Zombie for Android or Zombie World War for Android, it’s not uncommon for players to be in the world of zombies and race against time. exit! Only thing is you play the 3rd person shooter through many environments where zombies appear as much as ants! Download the free Zombie Shooter for free and experience the classic shooter zombie killer game online on your PC brought to your handset.

zombie killer game

The only protagonist, who holds the gun to shoot down the zombie killings in the battle seems to have no end.

As the last hope of humanity, you take the task of going to the evacuation center and take part in the battle for life when faced with the fierce wave of Zombies to save lives. At the same time find out the cause of this deadly virus.

You can play another game of the same name. Simplicity but also interesting. zombie killer game

Following the success of the PC version, Zombie Shooter – best zombie killer game for Android replayed the tough and challenging battle between you and the senseless monsters. Of course, at that location, you will be playing the hero. The only protagonist, who holds the gun to shoot down the zombie killings in the battle seems to have no end.

In the fight, you are not only fast-paced, but moving tactics in third-person shooters are very important. The Zombies are constantly appearing (from 4 sides) and you need to destroy them as fast as possible to reach the highest score in a limited amount of ammo. When you reach a certain level of experience you can unlock the next level.

Initially, you will start with a basic weapon. You can upgrade it or purchase new ones with zombie killer game money successfully through the screen, such as some heavy weapons capable of sweeping a wide area, armor, pomegranate, first aid box, etc. Also with various weapon systems and upgrades for selected players.

Before each mission you will be given a story that contains the content and execution requirements as well as the trick to complete the level in that level. For example, in the second task, you need to find out the source of the virus. You need to penetrate the center and find a way to go to the underground lab. The trick here is to find the rooms to unlock the path to the next level. Accompany it with the reward you received if you completed the task.

Although 3D graphics can not be matched by some of today’s hottest best zombie killer game. Re-enacting a classic shooter game, keeping the gameplay and storyline intact, can still make a difference.

Key features in the game Zombie shooter for Android:

  • Back up and sync using Google Play services.
  • Ability to rotate the game screen 180 degrees.
  • The game is free to play but has ad-supported.
  • You can skip the tutorial step to jump right into the zombie killer game unblocked .
  • Fix minor bugs and make further improvements.

2/ Project Zomboid

Project Zomboid is a survival horror game in the zombie world. You can fight alone or cooperate with the team to loot, build, build, fight, farm and fish to survive in the zombie killer game download world Project Zomboid.

zombie killer game

To conquer this zombie killer game online, you only have to answer one question – how do you die?

Currently, Project Zomboid is in beta stage. You can download Project Zomboid Early Access on Steam for a free experience on your PC.

Project Zomboid’s gameplay interspersed with immersive elements. Great maps, powerful customization and fun tutorials to make it easy to get used to. To conquer this zombie killer game online, you only have to answer one question – how do you die?

Background Project Zomboid is the town of Muldraugh and West Point, who survived to loot their homes, build fences and do everything possible to delay the arrival of the dead. Without any help, they must survive on their own luck and survival!

Project Zomboid Game Features

  • Zombie survival game with classic graphics, focusing mainly on the element of true survival.
  • Online multiplayer mode supports multiple servers.
  • Plays the internal combination of 4 people on the common screen.
  • Hundreds of zombies with terrific graphics, graphics and realistic sound.
  • Simulate imagery, sound and lighting to create a thrilling zombie killer game online experience. Gamers can hide in the dark, keep quiet and wait for the night.
  • A large minecraft zombie games map based on real-world locations, allowing you to freely explore, collect and build bases.
  • Use tools and items to make weapons, fences and cooking. You can also do zombie traps by chopping trees, sawing wood …
  • Experiencing familiar feelings such as frustration, boredom, hunger, thirst, illness in the process of survival.
  • Facing dark and light, day and night, when power goes out, zombies attack your home.
  • Farm, trap design, fishing, woodworking, cooking, character customization, skills and equipment to match the game.
  • Zombies can not run, so you have more speed advantage.
  • Soundtrack by Zach Beever in charge of the game’s horror.
  • Challenging and challenging best zombie killer game environment with Last Stand mode.

3/ Zombie brain slash

Zombie brain slash is one of the latest action games in 2018, so how to play this action game how to get high scores, the following article we go together to find out.

zombie killer game

The task of this zombie killer game online is not so hard that you just kill all the zombies on the screen and collect as many coins as possible.

Zombie brain slash is considered one of the most addictive, less than a few hours of gameplay that has attracted many players. It’s not easy, even if it’s a children’s zombie games free online. But it’s an extreme inhibitory for adults. The task of this zombie killer game online is not so hard that you just kill all the zombies on the screen and collect as many coins as possible.

The game lets you use three lives, if you use all three networks, you will die or lose.

To play the game Zombie brain slash requires good skill to overcome the challenges on the long endless play.

This is one of the most awaited Zombie games of 2018, wish you win the first turn.

Highlights of the game

  • 2D graphics are simple but incredibly true and beautiful, plus vibrant sound that players can not leave.
  • Not only action best zombie killer game for children but also adults can play.
  • Zombie brain slash is a free game.
  • You can play directly on the computer without having to download the memory space.
  • The game integrates most on devices such as mobile phones, desktops, ipad, …

Guide to play online action game Zombie brain slash:

  • If you are using a computer, just use the mouse to play.
  • If you use a mobile phone, just touch the screen with your hands to play it.
  • To win this zombie killer game online. You must not let any rival pass you by, or you will only get a defeat.
  • Note that when playing zombie brain slash you need to be careful and not kill people. Avoid obstacles otherwise you will die.
  • Use your points to buy items in the shop.

The zombie killer game
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