The top best zombie strategy games

The top best zombie strategy games
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Zombie strategy games – these zombie killing tactics are getting the attention of many players. The game is somewhat horror but full of tactical calculations. Try to stop the zombies eating the brain now! Here are some suggestions for you. Choose an exciting game to play right now.

The top best zombie strategy games – zombie games free

1/ Plants vs. Zombies Heroes

Plants vs. Plants Zombies Heroes is the latest card-based strategy zombie games free online from Electronic Arts, considered the “epicenter” of the legendary “Furious Fruit” game. Zombies with much improved gameplay than before. Quick download zombie strategy games on the machine to become one of the first “touch” game “Planted Ghosts”. Zombies Heroes super hot.

There are many new features

zombie strategy games

Test their strengths and tactics in confronting gamers around the world.

Multiplayer real-time multiplayer is a new feature in Plant Wars. Zombies Heroes allows players to challenge their friends. Test their strengths and tactics in confronting gamers around the world. At this point it can be seen, EA is trying to refresh its mainstream product “picking money” by adding more popular features commonly seen in the current strategy zombie killer game titles as well as bring the cover Newer experiences for fans.

In addition to multiplayer mode, zombie strategy games free will also experience Single Player mode. Participate in Tournament tournaments. Play lightly with Casual mode or face offensive waves of zombies. About the character system, Plants vs. Zombies Heroes currently has over 300 different warriors, but many of them require gamers to buy through IAP packages or gain certain trophies during the game to unlock.

Features of the Strategy game. Zombies Heroes for Android

Collect heroes from a collection of over 300 different warriors and unlock the power of the warriors in each battle. Each character possesses different strengths and abilities, allowing players to customize the team’s appearance, such as exploring the supernatural power of Super Brainz or the secret weapons of Zomboss.

Build up a battle squad

Each hero should be placed in a unit of combat. Build your squad and diversify the squad by collecting more heroes, including the plants you already know in Plants vs. Plants. Zombies or new plants and zombies. The zombie strategy games pc has over 300 characters and you can unlock it gradually. In addition to the freedom of team selection, the game also allows players to use the Auto Team-Builder feature to quickly get a team of randomly generated by the system automatically for you. At this point, you just need to focus on tactics and team upgrades are automatically done every time you have new characters.

Experience impressive adventures

Every battle in the zombie sniper games Plants vs.. Zombies Heroes is an unexpected experience and the more you play, the more you will unlock more new contexts. In addition to the usual screen, the zombie strategy games pc also lacked the bosses with more power. Try to destroy them to gain valuable rewards.

Challenge friends

Check out the skills of your teammates when you challenge friends and experience real-time combat. Each time you win, multiple match awards will be unlocked and you can increase your resources by taking advantage of the daily quest chain from Crazy Dave. Who will become the leader of the legendary heroes?

2/  Zombie Hive

Destroy the zombies and rescue the survivors of the infamous virus lab as your mission in this Zombie Hive zombie strategy games online for Android.

zombie strategy games

The player’s zombie strategy games for pc ultimate goal is to get down to the 1000th level and destroy the core of the experiment

Zombie Hive is an extremely addictive 2D action shooter game on mobile. The zombie survival games online takes place in an underground, large underground laboratory with 1,000 floors. While scientists are experimenting with the preparation of a new drug, they unknowingly spread the virus.

Viruses quickly spread throughout the lab floor and turned healthy people into living corpses, attacking humans. Only a handful of people are healthy and they are trying to escape. To prevent the spread of disease, many infected and spread to the eye, a task force was sent down to destroy the zombies.

You are the commander of the task force. The player’s zombie strategy games for pc ultimate goal is to get down to the 1000th level and destroy the core of the experiment, which is the source of the disease’s spread and spread.

In order to do this, you need to constantly upgrade your firepower, boost your army as the zombies spill over to the east. In addition, gathering the necessary items and accessories to create advantage in the war.

The theme color in Zombie Hive is the dark gloom characteristic of underground tunnels. You will attack simultaneously on multiple levels at the same time instead of advancing downstairs. Sometimes, the player zombie strategy games offline will encounter solid walls and be forced to use the Drill Robot to drill holes.

If you want to know more and enjoy the game, download the free Zombie Hive game to your phone and enjoy. This zombie strategy games free is compatible with Android 2.3+ devices.

Features of Zombie Hive for Android

  • Automatic combat.
  • Add more warriors and upgrade your firepower.
  • Upgrading parts of the Drill Robot.
  • Mission-based plot and rewards.
  • Save the survivors.
  • Use modern auxiliary equipment.
  • Obtained the supernatural through zombie research.
  • Collect items through the area reconnaissance.
  • Hire an expert to break your capacity limits.
  • Automatic camera roll.

3/ Zombie brain slash

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zombie strategy games

To win this zombie strategy games free. You must not let any rival pass you by, or you will only get a defeat.

Zombie brain slash is one of the latest action the new zombie games in 201. So how to play this action game how to get high scores. The following article we go together to find out. zombie strategy games free. But it’s an extreme inhibitory for adults. The task of this game is not so hard that you just kill all the zombies on the screen and collect as many coins as possible.

Highlights of the game

  • 2D graphics are simple but incredibly true and beautiful, plus vibrant sound that players can not leave.
  • Not only action the best zombies games  for children but also adults can play.
  • Zombie brain slash is a free game.
  • You can play directly on the computer without having to download the memory space.
  • The game integrates most on devices such as mobile phones, desktops, ipad, …

Guide to play online action game Zombie brain slash:

  • If you are using a computer, just use the mouse to play.
  • If you use a mobile phone, just touch the screen with your hands to play it.
  • To win this zombie strategy games free. You must not let any rival pass you by, or you will only get a defeat.
  • Note that when playing zombie brain slash you need to be careful and not kill people. Avoid obstacles otherwise you will die.
  • Use your points to buy items in the shop.
The top best zombie strategy games
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