Aliens Attack

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Aliens Attack
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Aliens Attack the Earth is under attack aliens game! The evil alien forces from Mars are attacking! The last hope of humanity is a team of forgotten heroes. Help Ramdo, Bernie, Mr. Zee, Ivan and Sgt. Pepper against the blue invaders! Give these followers a hot advantage to leave our planet once and for all aliens game . Your super automatic rifle shoots automatically, just attack the left and right to avoid the laser of the deadly enemy aliens game for pc. Collect enough medals to buy even better guns or some anti-laser jackets (real heroes win even when considering buying them). Shoot, kill aliens, kill their leaders and save the planet, nation and president! The aliens attacked the earth! Now you have to save the planet from intergalactic intruders. Can you save the earth and open all the heroes? Become a hero of the galaxy.

Game features aliens game :

  • Free HTML5 game with aliens zombie games on pc.
  • Unique sound graphics vividly attractive aliens the game online.
  • Unlock new characters to power up aliens game online.
  • Save your achievements with high achievements. aliens attack game

How to play game :

  • Open your screen and play alien destroying aliens game.
  • Use the mouse to move your character to destroy strange creatures.
  • You only have 3 lives up, try to survive and destroy many of the most strange alien creatures.
  • Use other characters to help cross the stage easier aliens game free.

Some screenshots from game : 

aliens game

aliens game free

aliens game online

An exciting action game that helps your earth destroy the alien army let’s rescue your earth with your hero In addition, you can play some other interesting and unique aliens game.

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Aliens Attack
5 (100%) 1 vote

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