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Penguin Skip
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Penguin Skip at Penguin Skip, an ice adventure awaits you. Prove your skills and help the little penguins jump from the buoy to the buoy! Collect as many fish as possible and unlock warm hats and scarves! Help the little penguin jump from ice to ice and collect food to get points along the way penguin game online. Do not wait too long for a block or you can immerse yourself in ice water. Jump, jump and jump on your way to endless fun. They are not flying birds, but they are great swimmers and like to go fishing penguin game online. But have you ever wondered what the penguins are doing in their free time? Go directly between the icebergs and collect the fish. At least that’s what this game says. But warn: penguins can cause distraction because of their sweetness, so do not stop focusing on the penguin game free.

Game features penguin game online :

  • Game with good penguins and free for you to try zombies game pc.
  • Fun sound graphics attractive for you penguin game time.
  • Difficulty levels always increase with excitement.
  • Save your achievements and scores after finishing.

How to play game :

  • Open your computer screen and get ready for this penguin game online.
  • Use the mouse to move the bird to get food on the iceberg.
  • You need to move quickly before the ice melts penguin game 2.
  • Finally go as far as possible and get the highest score penguin game online free.

Some screenshots from game : 

penguin game online

penguin game online free

penguin game timeAn interesting and interesting penguin game for you to try with simple gameplay to help you relax and you can refer to other penguin game online!

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Penguin Skip
5 (100%) 1 vote

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