The Sun for the Vampire 3

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The Sun for the Vampire 3
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The Sun for the Vampire 3 Vampires can not get close to the sun, which makes them very unhappy. In The Sun For The Vampire 3, you must help the vampire see the sun for the first time. The witch can help him, of course, but he will have to find her. At each level of this platform game you need to find the key to open the exit door and approach it without falling into the trap. Avoid spikes, lures and holes to live no matter what. You can even change into a bat and fly away .Your character in game wants to see the sun. But he is an event and you can die from the sun. To solve this problem, the vampires go to the witch’s castle.Use the arrow keys to move. Collect the keys and reach the door on each level to win. Find coins to get better reviews. Wish you a happy experience !

Game features the sun for the vampire 3:

  • HTML5 game is completely free for you with the earl.
  • 30 unique and most interesting gameplay with online vampire game.
  • Save your playing record with the earl zombie games on pc.
  • Images of vivid sound full of ghosts kid vampire game.

How to play game :

  • Open your screen and start playing spooky games with the earl.
  • Use left and right navigation keys to move vampires may also fall in a short time.
  • On the way you can get more gold ps4 vampire game .
  • Get the key to go through another game screen.

Some screenshots from game : 

the sun for the vampire 3

kid vampire game

online vampire game

An interesting game with the sun for the vampire 3 you can play it because it’s very interesting and addictive for you with vampires.

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The Sun for the Vampire 3
5 (100%) 2 votes

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