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Zombie Getaway
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Zombie Getaway  the Zombie virus spread throughout the homeland, so useless people began to wander around. In ZOMBIE GETAWAY, the survival horror genre collides with a fast 2d free zombie game. Depending on you, avoid a bloody brutal as long as possible, running along the road picking up food and jumping over obstacles. Improve your ability to become faster and stronger. Run for your life, a lot of fun! Escape the Zombie! Quickly, speed fast, avoid problems and collect bonus goods to get stronger. This horror game will make your heart beat! An action game that lets survive living beings as the last and only hope. With difficulty and the most dramatic gameplay, if you can safely reach this round, win this zombie world. Running is the only way to escape from hunting corpses and overcoming traps, so you do not have to give up too quickly !

Game features free zombie game :

  • This is a free zombie game to download and play zombie games survival.
  • The game is suitable for all devices and independent for you to enjoy.
  • Dramatic stimulating 2D sound graphics car zombie game.
  • Save achievements in your journey through zombies.

How to play free zombie game :

  • Open up your device screen and get ready for live challenge.
  • Use the navigation keys to move characters and avoid free zombie game online.
  • Collect fruits on the way to increase for effective characters .
  • Note to avoid the bodies and traps on the road until you reach the finish line new zombie game .

Some screenshots from game : 

free zombie game

car zombie game

new zombie game

A survival game with free zombie game crossing the most dangerous road and become the last survivor of a most dramatic game besides you can refer to some other similar games!

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Zombie Getaway
5 (100%) 1 vote

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